Best Civilization 6 Mods – Civ Mods You Should Try!

In this article, we discuss the Best Civilization 6 Mods that you can use to improve your overall experience of the game. These are the mods that we think everyone should try!

These are some of the Best Civilization 6 Mods you need try which will enhance your game experience. Furthermore, the mods bring a lot of changes which players have appreciated.

Best Civilization 6 Mods

The game was quite good from the start but it was made better with the modding tools. The modding can add new features, gamestyle and tweaking.

Modding’s done by just downloading and installing mods. Modding allows players to add, change or remove a huge amount of content. Mods enable players to change some aspects of the game though LUA and XML Programming.

Good Goody Huts

In this mod, the villagers are buffed granting more bonuses like more Gold, Experience, and other making them worth your time to chase. The mod allows the villages to move together on the map and allowing them to group.

  • 1 Goody Hut per 64 tiles (was 128).
  • Huts can appear adjacent to one another (min distance was 3).
  • Each hut grants +20 gold in addition to the specific reward. (Gold awards reduced by 20 for balance.)
  • Explorer type until now gain 10 experience when claiming a Hut (was 5). (NOTE: Explorers type units, such as Scouts, gain experience, whereas Warriors do not, This is the default rule set my Firaxis in code.)
  • The new weighting for reward levels is 25/33/42 (each category has 3).
  • Settler rewards have been enabled. Firaxis had disabled these by default, perhaps because they were considered OP.
  • Survivor rewards can now be found at the start of the game (were limited to having a Trader unit already and only after turn 15).
  • Gold and Faith rewards can now be claimed without a city (i.e. before settling).
  • Scouts no longer appear too often due to other rewards in its category being invalid. Healing is invalid whenever the unit claiming a Hut is not wounded, and Experience is invalid whenever the unit has a pending upgrade. In each case, the chance of a Scout being found increases significantly. To fix this problem, +1 Pop was moved from the Survivor category to replace Healing in the Military category. This also has the added benefit of there now being 3 rewards in every category.
  • Population reward is the least common reward in its new category (Military), Scouts are second, and Experience is the most common.

Detailed Worlds

Detailed worlds to the adjustment to several world generation utility functions and customized map scripts with added detail. The objective of the mod in the Civilization 6 is to make it more interesting, particularly with the detailed versions of the included map scripts. Some basic features in the mode are.

  • Larger deserts without more desert tiles per map. While the deserts will be approximately the same portion of the world they will often be more cohesive resulting in a few larger desert areas rather than many scattered desert tiles. Grassland will also be less frequent, but still possible, on tiles adjacent to deserts.
  • Reduced polar ice to help with circumnavigation (not really, most base maps are still horrible about putting land right up against the map edge).
  • Fixed rain forest placement. No more ugly band of rainforest tiles at the equator! Rain Forest/Jungle placement is now more dependent on the underlying map and will be more frequent in certain areas. Rivers and coastal areas can have large Rain Forest regions. The total number of Rain Forest tiles is that same as the default scripts (and affected by the rainfall option).
  • Adjusted marsh placement so marshes favor land near water (coast, lakes, and rivers). The favoring is cumulative so a coastal riverside tile is much more likely to allow a marsh than an inland grassland tile.
  • Strategic and Luxury resources will avoid placement on tiny islands. The land measurement is based on the area of a cluster of small islands may have a strategic or luxury resource on a one-tile island in the cluster but scattered islands smaller than 3 tiles will not have any. This does not affect water resources so oil, whales, and pearls may still appear near tiny islands.
  • Bonus resources will avoid one tile islands. Like above this has some exceptions built into the code so it may still happen occasionally but it will be fairly uncommon

More Units

The mode has added new units to the Civilization 6. The mod contains different unique units, depending on the region you are playing with like America, Arabia, Germany and much more.

  • Minuteman (America)
  • AH-64 Apache (America)
  • Camel Archer (Arabia)
  • Ghazi (Arabia)
  • Landsknecht (Germany)
  • Tiger I (Germany)
  • Peltast (Greece)
  • Armatolos (Greece)
  • Phalanx (Sumeria)
  • Sickle Swordsman (Sumeria)
  • Cho-ko-nu (China)
  • Shigong (China)
  • Jinete (Spain)
  • Tercio (Spain)
  • Eques (Rome)
  • Onager (Rome)
  • Druzhina Cavalry (Russia)
  • T-34 (Russia)
  • Hirdman (Norway)
  • Ulfhedinn (Norway)
  • Mughal Sowar (India)
  • Sepoy (India)
  • Longbowman (England)
  • Ironside (England)
  • Sohei (Japan)
  • Yamato (Japan)
  • Amazon Scout (Scythia)
  • Amazon Cavalry (Scythia)
  • Bandeirante (Brazil)
  • Fatherland Volunteer (Brazil)
  • Hyksos Bowman (Egypt)
  • Septireme (Egypt)
  • Gendarme (France)
  • Marine (France)
  • Medicine Man (Kongo)
  • Garde Republicaine (Kongo)

Production Queue

Production Queue is a great mod, micromanagement becomes very difficult in the late game. This mod becomes very helpful in queuing a lot of militaries. You don’t have to come back again and again and click to create an army. This can be done by just downloading and unzip it. Download the mod and extract the contents to the Civilization VI Mods folder.

  • Windows – C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods
  • OSX – /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Mods
  • Linux – /home/USERNAME/.local/share/aspyr-media/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Mods

Actions when clicking an item in the “Choose Production” panel:

  • Left-Click: Add the item to the bottom of the queue.
  • Control+Left-Click or Middle-Click: Add the item to the top of the queue.

Actions when clicking an item in the “Production Queue” panel:

  • Left-Click and Drag: Move the item to the position when the mouse button is released. i.e. Drag and drop.
  • Double Left-Click or Middle-Click: Move the item to the top of the queue.
  • Right-Click: Remove the item from the queue.
  • Hover: Reveal reserved plot of placed item (district or wonder) on the map.

Community Quick User Interface(CQUI)

It is Ui interface which allows you manage your empire more effectively. It gives more information to you with fewer clicks reducing the clicking rate in Civilization 6. Some of the key features are

  • Civ V Style Cityview
  • Production panel elements compressed and reordered
  • Great Person panel revamped
  • No more side scrolling
  • Adapts to the screen height
  • Policy Reminder Popup
  • Improved amenities city details screen (Clean Icons)
  • “My Government” tab removed from Government panel
  • Diplomatic banner shows the scores of the civilizations
  • Leaderheads expanded tooltips
  • Map Pinning system enhanced
  • New pins
  • Long pinlists are now scrollable
  • Right click in pinlist to quickly delete pins
  • Enter key now bound to finalizing a pin in pin creation menu
  • Tech/Civic Tree and Civilopedia now autofocus the searchbar
  • Civilopedia remembers the last visited page
  • Dedicated mod settings menu
  • Civic/Tech popups can be disabled. Optionally, the voiceover can still be kept even without the popup.
  • Recommandation UI can be enabled/disabled
  • Minimap size can be changed
  • Civic/Tech notifications spawned at 50%/100% research progress
  • Citizen management icons are overhauled to make seeing yield info easier
  • Growth/Production progress is enumerated in the city panel
  • Improved resource icons are dimmed to emphasize unutilized resources
  • Civ V keybinding options
  • Classic, a faithful recreation of the Civ V binding scheme
  • Enhanced, Civ V binding scheme with WASD assigned to camera control, Q/E assigned to city/unit cycling, and Shift -assigned to shifting focus between city and unit selection modes
  • Unit actions like sell/delete are no longer hidden behind an expando
  • Unit XP bars are twice as tall
  • Growth/Amenities/Bordergrowth info baked into city banners
  • “Smart Banner” Toggleable option to display a green icon indicating non-locked citizens and district icons -indicating built districts
  • Luxury resources are displayed in the top bar alongside strategic resources
  • Right clicking the action panel (bottom right button) instantly ends turn even when things like production/research/unit moves have not been decided


If you use a custom configuration and want to save valuable time by not putting the same information, again and again, download this mod from Nexusmods. What this mod does is it automatically saves your previous setting and run the game if you like your spawn area for example. Changing the size of the map, Difficulty, speed and type it will all be the same expect your location on the new map.

  • If you have version 1.0.2 installed, remove it (just delete it from the mod/dlc folder)
  • Download zip file
  • Unzip in the root of the Civilization 6 directory (on Windows, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid –Meier’s Civilization VI)
    Overwrite all

Diplomatic Total

If you are wondering how mad is everyone at you in Civilization 6, just download this tool which will show you the relationship with other leaders. On a scale of 0 to 100, informing you why these numbers occur and the reasons behind it.

These are the Best Civilization 6 Mods that we have for you! Let us know what you think about them in the comments section below!

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