How To Unlock And Change Outfits In Bayonetta 3

While Bayonetta may be one of the hottest witches around, players aren't restricted to her default appearance in Bayonetta 3....

While Bayonetta may be one of the hottest witches around, players aren’t restricted to her default appearance in Bayonetta 3. If you want to change up her looks, Bayonetta 3 offers players a wide variety of outfits to unlock and wear.

This comprehensive Bayonetta 3 outfits guide will cover full details about outfits, like how you can change them, unlock new and previous outfits from Bayonetta 1 and 2, and outfit customization.

How to change outfits

To change outfits in Bayonetta 3, you will need to complete the game, as only after that will you get the option to change outfits.

You need to work hard if you want to change her outfits. After completing the game, start it again and load up a level.

Now press the “-“ button on the controller, and you will enter the menu. Scroll through tabs till you find the Costume Selection option.

You can choose the costume you like and press the A button to confirm it. You can customize the outfit from this menu by changing Bayonetta’s Costume and Hair Color.

After unlocking some new costumes in Bayonetta 3, you can change them as often as you want. You can play around with different styles for Bayonetta until you find the one you like the most.

How to unlock all outfits in Bayonetta 3

Below you will find all the Outfits for Bayonetta, Viola, and Jeanne and the requirements for unlocking them in Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta Outfits

Super Mirror 3

It is the default outfit of Bayonetta that is unlocked from the start.

Super Mirror B1

It is another Bayonetta Outfit with a Stylish red jacket and shorts. After progressing through the story, you can purchase this costume from Rodin’s Treasures.

Super Mirror B2

It is an eastern look outfit you can purchase from the Rodin treasures. This outfit looks like a modified traditional Chinese dress.

Super Mirror B3

This costume is inspired by Egyptian culture. Again, you can purchase it from Rodin’s Treasures after progressing a little ahead in the storyline.

Super Mirror B4

It is inspired by French culture in which her face will be covered in a lot of white makeup. It is again available to purchase from Rodin’s Treasures after progressing a little forward in the story.

Super Mirror

This is an outfit from the previous Bayonetta. You can unlock it immediately if you have saved data from the earlier version.

New players can buy it from Rodin’s Treasures after completing the game.

Super Mirror 2

This is the second outfit from the previous edition of the game. You can unlock it immediately if you have saved data from the previous edition. Head to Rodin’s Treasure and open it.

New players can buy it after completing the game from Rodin’s Treasures by spending 4,000 Halos.

Viola outfits

Viola’s default outfit is The Stake Cat. She can only change her T-Shirts in Bayonetta 3. Viola T-Shirts are unlocked after completing the game.

Jeanne outfits

Jeanne only has one outfit in Bayonetta 3, consisting of a fur jacket on top of the pink outfit. This outfit is unlocked by default, so you don’t have to worry about opening it.

How to unlock Bayonetta 1 and 2 outfits

If you have saved data from any of the previous editions, then you can head to the Rodin’s Treasure and purchase them by spending 4,000 Halos.

These outfits are known as Super Mirror and Super Mirror 2. Even if you are a new player, you can get them after completing the game. But in this case, you wouldn’t be able to play Bayonetta 3 dressed as Bayonetta from previous editions.

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