Battletech Guide – How To Play, Combat Tips And Strategies

Battletech has a lot of different things that can impact the outcome of a fight. For that reason, it can be very important to know all of the little things that can have an advantage in the midst of the battle. Struggling to figure out how to get started? Do not worry, as this Battletech Guide will help you out.

Our Battletech Guide will give you various different tips and tricks in order to help you get acquainted with the game. Some of these will be extremely beginner-friendly while others will be a little bit more advanced.

Battletech Guide to Beginners

Remember to have skills that complement each other. It is good to have a long-range support with 2 melee mechs and a flanker.

The dismount window should be the first one to be used for parts, as it will reduce the time for the mech in the bay. It is important to know the range and the damage of what you have along with a plan on how you are going to use those statistics to your advantage.

Remember that your front-line fighters need more armor since they are going to be fighting at melee range. Ranged fighters will be protected by their comrades at the front so it is not that important for them to have any defensive stats.

Let us go ahead and see the other ways in which you can trump your enemies in Battletech.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Studying the terrain is a very important part of Battletech. The terrain will be a very important part of the battlefield so it is imperative that you know where to put your mechs and how to get the most out of them.

Forcing the enemy into positions that it does not want to be in is an art in itself, so try to learn how to push enemies to a certain stage in the map.

The point of all that has been said so far is to make sure that you do not move your mechs just for the sake of moving your mechs.

You need to be extremely careful and you need to plan ahead when playing the game rather than conforming to some random order of moves whenever it is your turn.

People often seem to forget how important the melee part of combat can be. Melee can be extremely useful in certain situations, and an example of this is DFA that is very powerful. If you manage to keep your legs in good condition, then you can DFA if you have a jump jet.

Melee is also important because your mechs will sometimes begin to overheat. Once your mech has built up a fair amount of hear, it is probably not a good idea to fire weapons.

Instead, go ahead and try punching the enemy as it can not only deal a fair amount of damage to the enemy, but also give your mech a chance to cooldown and be ready to use its weapons again once the next turn comes.

The Mech Warriors also have a lot of skills to choose from. Remember that Multi-target can be used for a variety of different things.

It can be good for when you want to remove evasion pips. It can also be good if it is paired up with penetrating shot, as this will allow the mech to target multiple enemies and deal max damage possible to all of them.

Precision Strike is a great tool to have, and one you should be using a fair bit. It can increase your to-hit percentage so remember to utilize it as an important part of your arsenal. However, make sure you do not end up using it too much.

Apart from that, vigilance is also a great skill as it can help you evade, brace and shoot.

It is not possible for us to overstate how important it is to manage the heat levels of all of your mechs. That does not mean that you always need to be neutral in terms of heat, as it can be a good idea to sometimes overheat a little if you can deal enough damage to compensate for it.

However, generally, be very aware of all that you are doing and whether or not it will impact the heat level of your mechs in a critical way.

Ideally, it is best to have the enemy shoot you when you have enough evasion and you are braced. This means that you should not be moving closer to the enemy unless you are ready to face the threat.

It is much better to reserve your turn than to walk right into the hands of the enemy and end up suffering losses that could have easily been avoided had you been a little less greedy.

Some other tips we can give you before we end the guide are to never have the ammo in the Center Torso, as a critical hit there will destroy your mech. Remember to use the speed of the Lighter Mech as you can move in, shoot and then duck back out of range once again quite easily. If both of the legs of the mech are taken out, then it will die so remember to keep an eye on them rather than just looking at the head or the CT.

You can also link up your Multi-attack and breaching shot. If you attack 3 different targets but with only one weapon for each of them, then you will be able to trigger breaching shot for all three of the targets.

That is all we have for our Battletech Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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