Logitech Announces Battlefield V Gaming Peripherals, Keyboard Mouse And Headphones

Battlefield V is around the corner and DICE has partnered with Logitech to make Battlefield V gaming peripherals. Check them out here.

Battlefield V is around the corner and DICE has partnered with Logitech to make Battlefield V gaming peripherals. This includes headphones, a keyboard and a mouse. Everything has Battlefield V branding on it a come with a Blue and white color scheme.

Like most gaming gear in 2018, these Battlefield V gaming peripherals feature RGB. According to Logitech, these Battlefield V peripherals will be able to provide cues via RGB to help players in the game. This is very interesting indeed and I am looking forward to seeing how this is implemented.

The design of the Battlefield V gaming peripherals is very clean overall. Battlefield V branding is not subtle but is also not in your face. The mouse does not offer anything fancy. There are Logitech and V logos on the mouse and 2 buttons on the side. That is pretty much it.

The keyboard has the same theme but more branding on it this time. DICE is also on there. Unlike the mouse the keyboard is backlight, so that is a great thing. The keyboard is 10-keyless which might be something that you like. I actually prefer these smaller keyboards. RGB lighting will allow you to customize your experience.

The headphones are also really simple but that is not a bad thing at all. The earmuffs are made of leather so they are comfortable and will not ache even when gaming for an extended period of time. While we are on the topic of Battlefield V the game will let you turn the chat filter on and off. So you can type in things like White man or DLC. The following is what the devs had to say in this regard:

Like in any other game more or less. Let’s stop assuming the worst possible scenario :). It’s not censorship – it’s anti-abuse in text form. I mean for example – who’d want an all-team VOIP you can’t turn off? I sure wouldn’t…

Let us know what you think about these Battlefield V gaming peripherals and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.

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