Battlefield Hardline Will Feature a TV Show Styled Campaign, Dev Diary Explains

Battlefield games have always been known for their multiplayer aspect but campaign wasn’t really their strong point. Visceral is attempting to change that by taking a very different approach with their next game. One that has never been taken in games before.

Battlefield Hardline will tell the story pretty similar to the way a cop show does. Story won’t be feel halfhearted and players will be able connect with the characters. That’s something Battlefield games always lacked, well I think all FPS shooters in general somewhat lack this element.

In short, Visceral is treating the game as a playable cop show, with strong emphasis on characters. The entire story mode of the game is divided into episodes just like a TV show season.

It will also feature a “previously on” cut-scene just like on TV, describing the events of the previous episode.

Battlefield Hardline will feature a lighter story, ¬†with humor and the one which isn’t as intense compared to some other installments.

Check out the developer dairy above to know more.

Battlefield Hardline is heading to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC starting March 17.




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