Battlefield 5 Weapons Guide – Weapon Unlocks, Tips and Strategies

Our Battlefield 5 Weapons Guide will tell you about all of the weapons currently in BFV along with some of the best ones which are overpowered.

Weapons are pretty much the bread and butter of an all-out war game like Battlefield 5. There are tons of weapons to choose from and it can all be quite difficult and time-consuming. Thus, our Battlefield 5 Weapons Guide will walk you through all of the weapons that are a part of the game and how they might be used.

Battlefield 5 Weapons

There are a lot of weapons in BFV which can be very useful if put into the right situation and into the hands of a good player. However, some of these trump everything else and we are going to take a short look at some of the weapons that are like that.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are usually considered to be the bread and butter for every FPS game.

Although there is an Assault Rifle in the game that probably ends up being the de facto gun to use for most players, the layout of the maps this time around means that the SMGs may very well be more useful than the Assault Rifles in many situations.

There are 2 kinds of rifles. Those which are automatic and those which are semi-automatic. Both of them have their advantages if you know how to use them properly.

Most new players should stay with the automatic ones due to the fact that you are allowed to make more mistakes with them without it costing you dearly.

The StG 44 may very well be the best gun in the game due to the fact that it has an exceptionally high Rate of Fire along with decent accuracy and control.

You can use this weapon to push up close and fight against both Assault Rifles as well as SMGs. Since the maps are already made to be a quite close range, this gun is perfect.

You can also use it at medium range with a decent scope and it will be able to be quite lethal there as well once you learn how to manage the recoil (which is fairly high).

The Geweher 43 is a semi-automatic weapon that can fire at a decent rate and has good damage, but it is very hard to control the way it behaves once you start shooting at high speeds.

For that reason, it can be good for when it is used at longer ranges and should be avoided in any short ranged battles.

The Turner SMLE is not a gun that is user-friendly in any way. It is more of a hybrid between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle.

The fact is, that you should probably go with either a sniper if you want long ranged battles or an assault rifle if you want short ranged battles. Choosing this gun will only make you run into problems.

The M1A1 Carbine is one of the weapons that can be used as well. However, it may very well be the worst weapon available to you since there is not a single department that it excels in apart from the accuracy.

However, all that accuracy is pointless if your bullets end u hitting your enemies like paper. It is best to avoid this gun whatever you do and instead use the StG or the Gewehr depending on your playstyle.

The STG 44 is by far the best AR in the game. The damage of the weapon is not as high as a person may want it to be, but it has a very high rate-of-fire and the accuracy of the weapon even when firing from the hip is great.

The accuracy means that although the gun is perfect for short-ranged combat, you can also go for medium-ranged combat if you attach a scope to the gun.


The game has just come out and it seems that the first few weeks at least are going to be a grind to get through. The maps are very small and congested, making SMGs some of the best weapons to get through them.

Try using the Suomi KP/-31 as it has a very high rate-of-fire allowing you to press the trigger first and then simply aiming your reticule onto the enemy. Use dynamite with it so that you can get up close, deal damage and get out.


As far as the LMGs go in the game, they are used as support weapons that means that they are used to lay down covering fire and suppressing fire.

The best LMG in the game right now is the Bren Gun because it has a good accuracy and the option for you to shift into a single shot mode for those times when you really need to be accurate.

Sniper Rifle

The best sniper in the game is perhaps the most iconic Sniper Rifle ever made. The Kar 98k is still a sight to behold and the damage that it deals is downright vicious.

It has a ton of damage, is bolt-action which means that the rate of fire of my Sniper Rifle is quite slow. Make sure that you are patient as you do have the slowest rate of fire and you really need to ensure that you hit the shot.

Try using the “Long Range Bullet” upgrade so that your bullet does not drop as much and is able to travel larger distances without falling off.


There are numerous different LMGs that you can use. The LMGs are not that different from one another, and the most balanced one that you have for use is the KE7.

It has a slow rate of fire (for an automatic weapon) but a decent bit of damage and can be used to suppress enemies quite well.

You also have the Brenn Gun which has better control over your spray, giving it a higher kill potential. On top of that, it also has slightly better accuracy which means that you can have more accurate first bullet damage as well.

FG-42 is the LMG which you do not want to use no matter what happens.

It is not something that has anything good, as it has a higher fire rate but less control and accuracy, making it very difficult for you to actually land shots onto enemies when utilizing your higher rate of fire.


There are a total of 2 different shotguns which you can use when playing the game. The first in is 12 automatic which is a gun that has a high rate of fire but is not that big on damage.

The other one is M30 Drilling which only has 2 rounds in it at any one time. However, it has a lot of damage and can be used at close range due to its spread quite easily.

In the end, whichever shotgun you use depends on your playstyle, as more accurate players can make better use of the M30 Drilling and newer players may like the slightly leaner learning curve of the 12 Automatic.


SMGs are the best class in the game upon release due to the tight and constricting nature of the map which allows for these small weapons with their high rate of fires to completely dominate other weapon classes.

The Sten is the first SMG that you have and boy is it fun to play. It has some of the best stats in the game and its 32 round magazine ensures that you can deal damage all day long.

Just make sure to save your ammo if you play in SD as you will not be able to compete in the rounds without ammo towards the later.

Suomi KP/-31 is another SMG which is known for its very high rate of fire. This gun has one of the fastest fire rates in the game at 770.

What this means is that although the gun has terrible control as well as accuracy, its rate of fire still makes it incredibly OP when it is being used at extremely short range.

The EMP is another SMG which has a decent rate of fire, not a lot of control but is still able to offer you some accuracy. The best way to go about this is to give this gun a try and if you find out that you like it more than the Sten, and then use it if you do.

The MP weapon variants are also quite similar and do not really offer a ton of variation. It is best if you give them all a try to see whether or not any of them ends up suiting your playstyle.

However, I personally use the Suomi for short range and the StG for long range and have discovered that you can dominate with those 2 weapons alone if you really want to.

Sniper Rifles

You know what they are used for, and you know why you love or hate them.

Let’s take a look at some of the weapons in the game that will definitely be the most sought after due to the amount of satisfaction that you get from taking someone’s head off using one of these. Let’s discuss, the Sniper Rifles!

The Lee Enfield No.4 MK I is the first weapon that is available to you when you are playing as the recon. This is a good, reliable weapon with 10 bullets in the clip and a damage that is fairly decent.

You might not be able to kill an enemy with a single shot every time, but this weapon should be one of the main ones that you use right up until you unlock the Kar98k.

The ZH-29 is a self-repeatable weapon. This means that it has a fire rate which is quite high as compared to some of the other rifles in this category.

However, that is the only advantage that it has as it struggles to even come close to the likes of the Lee-Enfield or the Kar. It is best to avoid this weapon as much as you possibly can as there are many viable alternatives available.

The Kar98k is the holy grail of sniper rifles, and quite rightly so. Boasting one of the highest damages as well as the accuracy in the game, it can be a bit difficult to gauge the bullet drop.

But once you get the hang of this weapon, the kills just start rolling in and they do not stop!

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