Battlefield 4 Rogue Transmission Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Rogue Transmission is a massive multiplayer map in Battlefield 4 that pits Russia against China in a large Chinese Observatory. The map is iconic for the colossal dish, which forms the central core of the area and also the most important zone in the map.

The open regions, long roads, and wide terrain make it ideal for vehicular warfare, including helicopters and jet fighters.

Battlefield 4 Rogue Transmission Map Tips and Strategy

Most of the strategic structures in the map are located at the center, with roads extending to the east and west till the bases of both factions.

The map has many important locations, but majority of them all complement the central Dish, which is arguably the most important region of Rogue Transmission.

There are other essential regions that are of high strategic important, such as the Visitor’s Center, to the west of the dish, and the Research Facility, located southwest of the dish.

A long, highly underrated road runs around the northern arc of the dish as well, with one also going through the center of the dish. These two roads are key points for vehicular warfare on top of the dish itself.


There are also dark regions underneath the dish that are host to close/medium quarter combat for both factions.

Levolution in this map is also centered on the dish, literally. High above the dish is a massive radio telescope, suspended by large pillars. These pillars in turn are supported by 5 cables each, making 10 cables in total.

Destroying all 10 cables will have the telescope falling to the center of the dish, reconfiguring the area beneath the dish and preventing the spawning of a vehicle there.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Assault, Support, Recon

Conquest mode will have you capturing various control points across the massive map. Since this is such a large map, vehicular warfare is a very essential part of Conquest, particularly air combat.

Having a capable jet pilot in your team will certainly turn the tides in your favor in Conquest mode. There are two Conquest variants for Rogue Transmission: Large and Small.

The only difference is that in Large two additional control points are added, there are additional vehicles, and the bases are pushed back from the center even further.

Since battles on this map rely heavily on vehicular warfare, you would want two engineers in the lineup.

You probably won’t be shooting as much as you’ll be healing, which is why you can afford to ignore the Support class for Conquest altogether. There are five control points in Rogue Transmission, all located generously far away from each other.

Russian Base
The Russian Base is located on the western part of the map. The closest control point is the Gate Office, which is your natural first priority.

Vehicles should then diverge, with smaller/faster vehicles taking the northern long road while heavier vehicles traverse to the Helicopter Pad, which hosts the busiest road of the map, while SMP-3s go for the Visitor’s Center and then the Dish.

Your chopper will need to be very careful, because air superiority will obviously belong to the jet fighters, especially the faster fighters. Choppers are easy pickings, so stay low and mostly in isolated areas such as the Visitor’s Center and the Helicopter Pad.

Engineers play a very important role, so don’t swap them out, but you can vary the other three according to the needs of the team. Engineers should place mines on roads connected to occupied control points from the enemy’s end.

Vehicles (Large): 5x Quad Bike, 2x SMP-3, 2x T-90A, 1x KA-60 Kasatka, 1x SU-25TM Frogfoot, 1x SU-50
Vehicles (Small): 3x Quad Bike, 1x T-90A, 1x SU-25TM Frogfoot

CN Base
The Chinese base is located in the eastern-most part of the map. The Chinese have a large variety of vehicles to their disposal like the opponent, but some seem to be slightly superior to their Russian counterparts.

What is most important is the speed of the ZFB and Type 99 MBT. However, the Chinese force does have one tactical disadvantage: the control points are located further away. The closest control point is the Research Facility, located dangerously near the Helicopter Pad and Dish.

By the time you reach there, the Russian force will probably be heading for the Heli Pad. Try to use this to your advantage and surprise them with an assault using one of your tank, while the other goes towards the dish.

Your fast jet fighters will also serve well in harassing and taking enemy ground vehicles, provided you have a skilled pilot in your team. The Chinese team is overall in advantage as it has less control points in the way between the Dish / Research Facility and their base.

Vehicles (Large): 5x Quad Bike, 2x ZFB-05, 2x Type 99 MBT, 1x Z-9 Haitun, 1x Q-5 Fantan, 1x J-20
Vehicles (Small): 3x Quad Bike, 2x Type 99 MBT, 1x Q-5 Fantan

Gate Office
The Gate Office is the closest point to the Russian base. Use the extra vehicles to your advantage to capture the Visitor’s Center and Helicopter Pad, and move towards the Research Facility and Dish.

The shack located near the flagpole is a great place for defending, but it is heavily susceptible to the enemy air-to-ground jet fighter.

For the initial stages of the game, you probably won’t need to have players defend this area, but near the middle stages you can expect deployments from carrier choppers, so it would be recommended to have an engineer (or ideally an IFV) positioned for such ‘para-trooping’.

Assets (Large): 1x Quad Bike, 1x BTR-90/ZBD-90

The Dish is the most important part of the map, because most of the fighting will be occurring here. There is an area that runs underneath the dish, which is where the actual control point is located.

The control point vicinity has an enormous amount of options for cover.

The Dish is arguably the most important point to capture for both teams. It will provide the team with an Anti-Air Gunship that would aid in capturing and holding other points.

Do note that after the Levolution, vehicles will not spawn at the Dish.

Assets (Large): 4x Quad Bike, 1x 9K22 Tunguska-M/Type 95-AA

Helicopter Pad
The Heli Pad is the southernmost control point in the map. It is primarily an open area with a few small buildings near the flagpole. This Pad can give you a lot of advantage, but it will often become a combat battleground because of its close vicinity to other points.

The biggest advantage of capturing this point is the provided attack helicopter. Though they still won’t be able to match the jet fighters, they will definitely nullify the effectiveness of enemy escort choppers.

Attack helicopters also give a lot of aid to the ground with air-to-ground missiles that can destroy enemy tanks. Just make sure a good pilot is flying it.

Assets (Large): 2x Quad Bike, 1x Mi-28 Havoc/Z-10W

Research Facility
The Research Facility is located right next to the Dish, and consists of various multi-story buildings. These buildings are excellent vantage points for spawning and defending.

The Research Facility has two main advantages: close proximity to the Dish, and an additional IFV.

The multi-story buildings themselves act as excellent houses for Radio Beacons, allowing your members to spawn and continuously assault/defend the Dish.

In addition, it should protect from aerial attacks, though the buildings are destructible. Another great place is the large shipping container located near the flagpole.

Players can open and close its gate and use it as a defending spot. This control point has a lot of options for tactical defense setup, and is probably the best area for Recon and Support gunners to earn their points.

Assets (Large): 1x Quad Bike, 1x BTR-90/ZBD-09

Visitor’s Center
This delicate control point is actually quite important, as it grants the Commander the Infantry Scan, which can be used to identify enemy troops that may be hiding beneath the Dish.

The center has a rooftop area that is also handy for long-ranged weapon-wielders to shoot down enemies that may be moving in and out of the Dish.

However, the area doesn’t have too much cover, and is highly susceptible to aerial attacks.

It also doesn’t counter armor too well either. The Russian team will probably gain control of this point first, but if the Chinese team advances, you will need to establish some serious defense to maintain possession of the region.

Assets (Large): 2x Quad Bikes
Assets (Small): 1x Quad Bikes

Rush Tips and Strategy

Rush in Rogue Transmission will have you starting from the west and taking out M-COM stations in 4 different zones of the map.

The Russians play as the attacking team while the Chinese get four chances to wipe out the Russian tickets. It’s a fast-paced game, and the Chinese have the edge with lots of defensive cover options in Zone 2 and 3.

However, the Russians have firepower in the form of armored vehicles, which they can use to push their opponents back, winning each zone by destroying the M-COM stations.

Zone 1
Recommended RU Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

The first zone will have you going through the Gate Office. The Russians start off superior with Quad Bikes and a threatening BTR, while the Chinese only have their engineer infantry as the counter.

Lay some traps immediately on the roads for countering the Quad Bikes and BTR, while your Recon and Support set up positions for long-ranged attacks. The Russians only have two routes they can possibly take; the main road, or the fork that passes near A.

Set up mines on both roads, and send in Recon and engineers near the hilltops on B for added defense.

Even though the Russians have firepower, they will need to be extra careful because of the time the Chinese get to make preparations. Watch out for mines at all costs, and have your engineer in your BTR, ready for repairs.

You should let the Quad Bikes take point while the BTR provides cover from a distance. Your biggest enemy here will be the rockets and mines, and the Recon.

M-COM station A is certainly easy to reach, but B will be fairly difficult. There will be a lot of medium/close-ranged fighting going on; make sure you’re prepared for it.

RU Assets: 3x Quad Bikes, 1x BTR90
CN Assets: None

Zone 2
Recommended RU Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

Lots of things have changed in Zone 2 now. The Russian team will still get more vehicles, but the Chinese have a powerful Anti-Air now, and that means business. The Russian Z-11W will be useless in front of that baby, and the Chinese will again have plenty of traps to lay.

Like before, MCOM Station A is very vulnerable, but B is fairly easy to defend. Set up parameters there. Have your engineers ready to take out the BTR, which will be the main source of worry for the Chinese team, while your Support and Recon take positions to take out distant enemies.

You might want to actually destroy the building holding A to defend it better from a distance; that’s a choice your team should be making collectively.

For the Russians, you have a massive advantage of multiple pathways now.

There are three ways you can head into the CN base and surprise them. Your BTR’s main objective should be to destroy the AA gun, so your Z-11W can scout and make things easier for your team.

RU Assets: 4x Quad Bikes, 1x BTR-90, 1x Z-11W
CN Assets: 1x Type 95 AA

Zone 3
Recommended RU Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

The Chinese will be getting some firepower to defend the Dish, but the Russians aren’t falling behind, as they begin the assault with a new base, a BTR, and a tank.

The Chinese AA will ensure that the opposition is restricted in its use of choppers, but you will need to be careful with the tank, since both the BTR and the enemy tank will be looking to take it out.

The Russians start off strong with powerful vehicles, but the Chinese will have the element of surprise because of the dense design of the places under the Dish.

CN infantry can take vital positions in cover and attempt to take out the enemy vehicles, while the recon remain hidden in shadows and take out infantry.

It’s a really balanced match-up in this Zone, with powerful vehicles against a challenging defensive setup. The sole determiner would be the remaining tank/BTR, which will prove to be nightmarish to the opposition.

RU Assets: 4x Quad Bikes, 1x BTR-90, 1x T-90A
CN Assets: 1x Type 95 AA, 1x Type 99 MBT

Zone 4
Recommended RU Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Recon, Support
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

It’s the last chance for the Chinese to defend this all-important region, and they’ll be doing it in the Research Facility.

The area has some advantage because of the buildings, which are very tough to take down without BTRs and tanks. The problem is that the RU team has the required arsenal, and it can outmatch the CN.

Russians get the same vehicles as before. You can use the helicopters to drop off infantry units near the stations, but the CN AA will probably prevent you from doing that. It might be a little risky, but it’s a worthwhile shot to destroy the Type 95 AA with your BTR, while your tank defends it.

Having said that, be prepared for a large number of enemy engineers shooting rockets at you. For this reason, you should have an extra engineer in the RU; both engineers should be fully involved in keeping the IFV and tank as healthy as possible.

The Chinese tank needs to be careful, because with the backing of the RU engineers, it is outmatched against the combined firepower of the RU tank and IFV. Have your engineers defending it, while your support and recon attempt to take them out.

It will really come down to which team loses its vehicles first, and the Chinese are already at a general disadvantage. Just make sure your engineers are doing their job, and you should be able to take out all the tickets and pull off an amazing victory.

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

This new fast-paced mode will have the teams fighting over a bomb, which they would use to destroy the other team’s key points. Obliteration is fast-paced, intense, and offers a lot of entertainment, particularly when jets and terrifying tanks are involved.

In Rogue Transmission, the bomb starts off under the Dish, while the RU spawns near the Gate Office, and the CN near the Research Facility. The map size itself is similar to that of Conquest (Small).

Both teams have powerful vehicles. Use the jets and helicopters to defend the bomb carrier from air, who should ideally be inside a BTR or tank. Drive him to the enemy locations while the rest of the team protects him.

Try to use the outskirts of this large map for transport the carrier for safety. Yes, it will add up time, but sometimes less-taken roads such as the northern curved road can be match-winning paths.

Air warfare plays a massive role in this map for Obliteration, so make sure your choppers and jet are being flown by the best pilots in your team.

Vehicles (Large): 1x Quad Bike, 1x SPM-3, 1x 9K22 Tunguska-M, 1x KA-60 Kasatka, 1x SU-25TM Frogfoot
Vehicles (Large): 1x Quad Bike, 1x ZFB-05, 1x Type 95 AA, 1x Z-9 Haitun, 1x Q-5 Fantan

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Assault, Support, Recon

This fast-paced mode will make Counter-strike players smile. The Russian team is the attacker, while the Chinese team defends the area.

The map for Defuse is restricted around the Research Facility, with Laptop A located in the western building while Laptop B is near the trailers in the eastern part of the map.

The CN defenders spawn near the northern tip of the map, while the RU attackers spawn near the southern road. Laptop A is the closest option for RU, but the buildings are good defensive positions for the CN defenders.

The defenders should get into position quickly, being distributed to A and B while the recon attempts to camp at neutral ground and take out as many enemy infantry personnel as possible.

The attackers need to move quickly, with two Assaulters taking point, backed up by a Support, and covered by a Recon. Take out Laptop A first, and then move from cover to cover to go to Laptop B.

Domination Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Support Recon

Domination is a miniaturized version of Conquest, with barely any vehicles, and very closely positioned control points. This intense, fast-paced version takes place in the same Research Facility area as Obliteration’s.

Make sure to grab the battle-pickups on the map to empower your team. Use them to your advantage to lay suppressing fire on enemies while your team attempts to infiltrate and take control of points.

Claymores and C4 work very well in Domination; lay them near the points you capture, and wait for enemies to attempt to take it out. This will give you plenty of points and kill multiple enemies.

Don’t be shy of destroying the walls either – your engineers should go trigger-happy with rocket launchers to clear out walls and make the action more intense.

Squad Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad (Squad): Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended Squad (Team): Assault, Assault, Engineer, Recon, Recon

The same map used in Domination and Obliteration is used for Squad and Team Deathmatch. While TDM in Battlefield is fairly chaotic, Squad-based DM requires tactics and smart thinking.

Avoid running through the middle of the map, as these are great spots for snipers. In fact, in TDM you should probably choose to exploit this mistake to score some vital points.

Encourage your engineers to use their rocket launcher to take down building walls and eliminate cover for enemies.

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