Battlefield 4 Holiday Patch is Ready and Has Entered Certification

Battlefield 4's Holiday patch, also known as the Winter patch has been completed and is going through the certification process now to ready it for release.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Battlefield 4 is due for a new patch. It looks like this may have been completed, and is being certified for release now.

B4Central have reported that the Battlefield 4 Holiday patch is now completed and being finalised for release. This means sending it off to Sony and Microsoft for certification. The patch, also known as the Winter Patch will also lead to the Legacy Operations DLC which includes Dragon Valley 2015, Tactical Destruction and Homage to Noshahr Canals.

DICE test out the patches they release in the Community Test Environments which give people a hint as to what is to come in the update and see how well they perform. With this level of community interaction this also often leads to added features, tweaks and further updates that people request in their testing feedback.

With the certification process in progress this can take a few weeks, with Sony normally being the first to give the results on whether the patch has updated or not. This is sometimes why the Xbox patches can be held up.

The holiday season is often used as a time to catch up on gaming, so these updates will be welcome by Battlefield 4 fans, especially those who are up to date with the news about what will be included.

The Holiday Patch and Legacy Operations being separate downloads the Battlefield 4 community will have some sizable files to download. Hopefully the size of the files won’t be too big.

Are you looking forward to this Battlefield 4 update and upcoming DLC? Let us know your thoughts below.

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