Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Dawnbreaker is one of the new maps that are featured in the multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4. It’s fairly huge, being a part of a major metropolitan area of a city, and features many roads and tall buildings such as skyscrapers.

Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker Map Tips

There are several important tactical locations on the map, such as the Bus Terminal, the Plaza, the Bridge, the Hospital and the Embassy. Levolution occurs on this map as well.

Levolution is the Battlefield 4 term for the permanent altering of the map itself. In this case it happens about the Bridge. There is a subterranean gas line that passes underneath the bridge and Central Avenue which can be used to collapse the bridge and heavily damage the avenue.

You can find pressure valves on either side of the avenue underneath the ground. You need to maximize the pressure at both ends, then wait a few moments in order to trigger the explosion.

The tactical advantages to doing this is that the debris provides cover for infantry movement while simultaneously hindering vehicles.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad (Large): Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended Squad(Small): Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Assault, Recon


In Conquest, your job is to capture up to five control points on the map and hold them for a certain amount of time. The Bridge is obviously the most important objective to control, as it decides the Levolution of the map and the team that has it is capable of calling in a Gunship at any time.

The map is large, and so are the buildings in it, so pilots will be forced to the limit in order to avoid crashing. The buildings also provide good vantage points for snipers, who can access the roofs using elevators.

Since the map is so big, it would be wise to focus your efforts on capturing the minimum three objectives needed to win the game and holding them. For the US side, these should be the Bus Terminal, Plaza and Bridge, while the CN should attempt to acquire the Embassy, Hospital, and Bridge.

The only difference between Dawnbreaker Conquest (Small) and Dawnbreaker Conquest (Large) is that there are less vehicles allowed in the smaller version. Aside from that the maximum number of players on the map is also a little different.

US Base
The US base for both versions of the map are identical, located in the northwestern tip of the map. The only difference is the number of vehicles that are available.

This base is quite a ways from the control points, so try to get as many of your personnel into vehicles as is possible and rush the Bus Terminal and Plaza, which are the closest ones.

From there you can attempt to contest the Bridge, which will almost certainly be under the control of the CN.

Vehicles (Large): 4x Quad Bike, 2x MRAP, 2x M1 Abrams, 1x LAV-AD, 1x AH-6J Little Bird, 1x AH-1Z Viper, 2x F-35
Vehicles (Small): 2x Quad Bike, 1x M1 Abrams, 1x LAV-AD, 1x AH-1Z Viper, 1x F-35

CN Base
The CN base for both versions of the map are identical, located on the southwestern side of the city. The only difference is the number of vehicles that are available.

Your best bet is to take your fastest vehicles and rush for the Bridge, which is closer to you that the opponent.

From there you can use the Gunship and its benefits to take control of the Plaza and the Hospital. The CN should attempt to use the tactical advantages of these positions to get the win.

Vehicles (Large): 4x Quad Bike, 2x ZFB-05, 2x Type 99 MBT, 1x Type 95 AA, 1x Z-11W, 1x z-10W, 2x J-20
Vehicles (Small): 2x Quad Bike, 1x Type 99 MBT, 1x Type 95 AA, 1x Z-10W, 1x J-20

Bus Terminal
The Bus Terminal is a control point located to the southwest of the US base. It’s out of the way for the CN and closes to the US so it is priority number one for the US and will be ignored for the most part by the Chinese.

The benefit of controlling this point is that it allows you access to two additional quad bikes, increasing the mobility of your forces around the map.

It’s also easily defensible due to the narrow doorways that can be trapped with C4 and the fact that defenders can hide on the floors of the buses outside, wait for enemies to enter the station, and come in behind them.

Assets (Large): 2x Quad Bikes
Assets (Small): 1x Quad Bikes

The plaza is also located closer to the US base instead of the CN, and as such will be one of the first points they capture. It’s not difficult to defend this point due to a balcony north of the flag that overlook everything.

There is also a nearby skyscraper with rooftop access where you can place a radio beacon. Thus you can use this place to parachute down and quickly get into the thick of things.

Assets (Large): 1x Quad Bike, 1x LAV-25/ZBD-09
Assets (Small): 1x Quad Bike

This point is located directly in the middle of the map, however the CN side usually have a bit of an easier time getting to it unless the US really make a break for it.

Capturing it allows the team that controls it to use an extra quad bike but the real reason this is such a vital objective is that it grants the controlling team’s commander the use of a powerful Gunship.

The Levolution directly affects this area, triggering it will destroy the bridge, making the location more open and easier to control.

Try to decide whether triggering it will benefit your team or not. Since the most furious combat will take place at the bridge, getting support troops such as Engineers and Assault here is vital to your success.

They will repair the vehicles that get damaged and revive teammates, letting you get an edge in the battle.

Assets (Large): 1x Quad Bike
Assets (Small): None

In the southern part of the map, the Hospital is much closer to the CN than the US. It’s quite easy to defend, since the windows can get blocked up using the shutters inside, leaving the main entrance as the only way inside.

One advantage that attackers will have is that motion sensors can detect anyone inside. Use this to find the positions of the defenders and take them out. Whoever controls this points gets to field an additional IFV and Quad Bike.

Assets (Large): 1x Quad Bike, 1x LAV-25/ZBD-09
Assets (Small): 1x Quad Bike

You’ll be able to take control of this point at the western side of the city and it’ll be closer to the CN than the US.

The area is almost inaccessible to vehicles, as they will be forced to take one road, which is the only route to get there. However, infantry can access the point from any direction.

An interesting note is that the roof is only accessible by air.

If you get dropped there, you’ll be able to contest the point without anyone being able to get close to you. You’ll also want to clear out the second floor of the building fully before attempting to capture, as the defenders can spawn there.

Assets (Large): 2x Quad Bikes
Assets (Small): 1x Quad Bikes

Rush Tips and Strategy

In Rush, the objective is for one team to defend something called an M-COM station while the other team tries to destroy them by arming them. The US team plays as the aggressors while the CN will try to hold their ground.

The attacking team only has 75 tickets, while the defenders can spawn endlessly. In Dawnbreaker, the battles take place in four zones on the map, which are smaller segments of the overall map.

The attackers have access to better vehicles, but the M-COM stations in each zone are located inside buildings, lessening the impact of the vehicles.

Zone 1: Bus Terminal
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Support, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

When contesting M-COM Stations, take note of the resources at your disposal. The CN side have a bunch of stationary .50-Cal turrets and HJ-8 Launchers that they can take control of in order to stem the tide of the attackers.

The US side will want to proceed cautiously when advancing to this point, make sure to use your Recons and Engineers to take these gun emplacements down or they might destroy your LAV-25. However, doing so would be ideal for the CN since they do not have access to vehicles.

The US will want to proceed slowly and meticulously as you push towards the Stations. You only have one IFV, so keep it safe. Try to put your radio beacon in a building to the south from where you can access the second station more easily.

Both sides should also consider dropping radio beacons at locations at a safe distance from the Terminal itself. This will allow you to spawn from a different position and possibly catch the opponent off guard.

The Stations are located inside the terminal in some small rooms. The close-quarters-combat here is very intense. Smoke grenades are a must for attackers, while defenders can hold them off with shotguns.

US Assets: 1x LAV-25
CN Assets: None

Zone 2: Bridge
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

For this Zone, the US once again have better vehicles but the CN have swifter access to the stationary defensive emplacements.

There are two HJ-8 rocket launchers on the bridge that have a 360 degree turn radius that you’ll need to protect your vehicles from. The CN will have some vehicular support in the form of a ZBD-09.

For M-COM Station A, you’ll find it underneath the bridge.

The problem is that, while approaching the objective leaves you open (since it’s in an open area) the objective itself provides a great deal of cover, making approaching it difficult. As a result, you’ll want to prevent people from ever getting there, because they’ll be a pain to get out.

The second point is inside the building. There is a switch above that turns off all the lights inside the building for 30 seconds. You can shoot this switch in order to make it much more difficult to see claymores and surprise attackers.

US Assets: 2x Quad Bikes, 2x LAV-25
CN Assets: 1x ZBD-09

Zone 3: Hospital
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Support, Engineer, Engineer, Support
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

This Rush zone is situated around the Hospital and once more the US have a vehicular advantage. However, this time the CN have a chance to outplay the attackers because of a J-20 stealth fighter.

The US forces will want to respect the firepower of this plane and acknowledge the threat that it poses to your squad. Make sure to stock plenty of engineers with Stingers for this reason.

Remember that, while defending, you can raise the bollards of M-COM Station B to deny access to the US vehicles. You’ll also want to send up some recons to the top of the building that houses station B.

From here, you can see pretty much everything and can take potshots at enemies trying to arm Station A.

When attacking as the US side, you’ll want to make sure that the J-20 is down and out before sending in your helicopter to support your troops. This will also help out in taking station A since a helicopter will make the arduous approach much easier and will protect your troops from small arms fire.

US Assets: 2x Quad Bikes, 2x LAV-25, 1x AH-1Z Viper
CN Assets: 1x ZBD-09, 1x J-20

Zone 4: Embassy
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

For the first time, the CN side will arguably have vehicular superiority in the form of a tank and an IFV. These two M-COM stations are located inside the Embassy and the CN side will spawn very close to them. The US will have a ways to travel and there is only one route for land vehicles to take.

Station A is on the second floor of the building near the west. Any attacker that approaches this point will have to take the stairs, you can use this choke point to hold quite effectively.

One strategy the US can employ is to use a helicopter to drop players on the roof, where they can place a Radio Beacon. This will allow you to take the defenders by surprise as you spawn from a different point.

The Tank allotted to the CN is crucial to both sides. If the US has enough engineers, they can take it down, allowing their IFV to safely transport troops past the heaviest defenses. However, if the Tank cannot be destroyed, it will absolutely crush whatever vehicle you care to throw at the embassy.

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

Obliteration is one of the newer game modes that are being introduced in Battlefield 4. It’s similar to Rush in that it involves the destruction and defense of certain objectives, but the similarities end there.

Both teams have a number of targets that they need to destroy on the enemy team’s side. Players need to destroy these, whilst simultaneously defending their own.

The way you destroy these points is by taking control of a bomb that spawns somewhere near the Plaza randomly. Players need to take control of the bomb and take it to one of the targets, fighting their way past the defenders. After a target is destroyed, the bomb respawns in a slightly different area.

Since the bomb can spawn in different areas, it would be a good idea to keep your forces slightly spread out so you can take control of it quickly.

Pilots are very useful here, as they can utilize the tall buildings to take cover and flank the enemy, laying down devastating artillery fire before disappearing.

You can also use the parachute deployment to land on top of many of the buildings and snipe people as a Recon.

US Assets: 1x Quad Bikes, 1x LAV-25, 1x LAV-AD, 1x AH-6J Little Bird, 1x AH-1Z Viper, 1x F-35
CN Assets: 1x Quad Bikes, 1x ZBD-09, 1x Type 95 AA, 1x Z-11W, 1x Z-10W, 1x J-20

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Assault, Support, Recon

This is another new game mode for Battlefield 4.

In this one players only have one life per round, similar to counter-strike, and the objective consist of two laptops found in two different locations. The US team will be the aggressors, looking to wrest control of the computers from the defending CN team.

The first laptop is found in the courtyard outside, in between the two buildings. There is plenty of cover to use here such as a bus, but the area is still essentially open.

The second laptop is located just outside the elevator that leads to the roof of the building adjacent to the plaza. Defenders can hide inside the elevator in wait for the US forces.

The defenders can also use the elevator to access the roof, then jump down to a lower roof from where you can very effectively cover the first laptop in the courtyard.

Squad Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Support or Assault, Engineer, Recon, Support or Assault, Assault, Support, Recon.

In Squad Deathmatches, there are four teams of 4 players each, and they all face off in a grand battle royale to see who can rack up the highest number of kills first.

You might want to consider replacing an Assault with a Support. Reviving team members will not revert the kill, so it is best to utilize a slot with a Support who would provide ammunition, while one assault would be sufficient in your squad to keep your teammates healthy.

The difference between team and squad Deathmatches is that in Team Deathmatches you only have two team and the maximum number of players per team is increased to 10.

The interior of the building is a power position from where you can view all the action and come clean up. Shotguns will be quite useful in the narrow confines and corridors, so make sure to equip those.

Near the front entrance is a switch that turns off all the lights when shot. You can use this to your advantage if you have the proper gear.

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