Battlefield 1 Player Bans Happening Because Players Are Too Good

A number of Battlefield 1 player bans have been happening recently because the affected players are simply too good at the game.

Anyone that’s played an online game has run into the kind of person online that will accuse them of cheating if they’re doing too well or are killing them repeatedly. However, now Battlefield 1 player bans are happening because of the same reason: players are doing too well during gameplay.

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Battlefield 1 uses the anti-cheating software FairFight that uses an algorithm to determine whether or not a player is cheating. However, now it seems to be fooled by a variety of players that are being too good at the game, and thus is handing out Battlefield 1 player bans without attempting to determine whether or not someone is actually cheating.

For instance, the YouTuber kL-Spazmo has clocked nearly three thousand hours in various games that had FairFight enabled to detect cheating, and has gone all that time without a ban. However, he and a friend were doing so well while playing on the Amiens map that the system decided that they were cheating and banned them.

Another player by the name of SpartanHoplite also got banned for playing too well due to going 202-8 with a bomber, simply flying around in the sky and bombing people from above, which FairFight took as “cheating” and also banned him.

FairFight’s anti-cheating algorithm mainly appears to look for various feats in the game that could only be accomplished, in its own mind, from hacking. This includes extremely high kill counts in the game, or shots from an impossibly long distance. However, the system doesn’t appear to account for high-skill players that can do all of this during a regular game without using anything other than hours and hours of play experience.

Hopefully the victims of these unjust Battlefield 1 player bans can get un-banned by DICE, or DICE can go into the game and adjust FairFight to keep it from banning people that don’t deserve it.

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