Battlefield 1 Hardcore Servers Might Be Available Very Soon

According to EA, Battlefield 1 hardcore servers are going to be available pretty soon from now. The information came from a Reddit post by Striterax, a DICE employee that is apparently working on the hardcore servers as we speak. Hardcore servers will be adding a new dimension of gameplay to Battlefield 1, just after we got the game’s first patch yesterday.

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According to EA, the Battlefield 1 hardcore servers will be an option for more skilled players, having various adjustments in them like lower health to make the experience more hectic and catering more towards skilled players if you don’t like the 100 health that you get during the game’s normal multiplayer.

If Battlefield 1 hardcore servers will indeed be coming soon, the game will likely become even more of a World War 1 game, as players would die a lot easier, leading to higher death counts, kill counts, and possibly even more destruction for the map if you choose it.

At the same time, it will also help with making sure that the only players there are ones that are actually good enough at the game to be able to stay alive for a good enough period of time.

In addition to the hardcore servers, players will be noticing a tweak in the way that the Squad Leader mechanic works in multiplayer.

With this tweak, in-game you will now be able to take over the role of squad leader, if the original squad leader doesn’t want to be a team player and give orders.

While this may not happen if you’re put in a squad where every player just wants to go their own way, if you’re on a squad and your leader doesn’t want to do anything, you can at least grab the lead role now. The same tweak was available in Battlefield 4, which gave you the opportunity to do the same thing.