Battlefield 1 Glitch That Gives You Nightmares

An old glitch in Battlefield 1 is making its way back on the internet and it is terrifying players in a silent hill type atmosphere giving them nightmares.

A popular Nightmare glitch from Battlefield 1 is making its way back in the social media inflicting terror among players. Although the glitch is somewhat hilarious but the same can not be said for players who experienced it first hand.

This glitch causes the enemy to just fly over to your position in a flash, combine this glitch with a foggy weather and a sniper view, and this will turn from hilarious to a nightmare in just a matter of seconds.

This is how the story goes, you see an opponent from afar and approach him, then just to get a lock into his position use your scope to zoom in, it goes normally as planned so far.

Then after getting closer, you check his position again to just make sure, because it is war and you can never be too careful, but this time he just rushes towards you like a ghost hovering in the air in super speed and just stabs you with a bayonet.

Similar glitches have been spotted from time to time in Battlefield 1 but they are rarely as hilarious and terrifying as this one.

The reason behind this glitch is unknown and the way to recreate it is also lost to us, but one thing is for sure I would not like to see this during my gaming session.

Battlefield 1 dynamic weather makes for some great moments and this one is just one of them. There is no surprise that DICE even went far enough to release a mode that was focused on fog called the Fog of War.

They will be proud to see that their fog mode is doing its job and then some, scaring the crap out of players. Maybe they can use this as inspiration and include some ghosts as well, zombies are getting outdated.

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