Battlefield 1 Glitch Causes The Resolution To Drop To 160x90p On Consoles

Just two days remain before we can get our hand on Battlefield 1 and there are some who are already enjoying the game. While we know bugs and glitches often pop up in games, but this Battlefield 1 glitch it utterly ridiculous.

Battlefield 1 uses dynamic resolution scaling to achieve 60 frames per second on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, the same technique to make the game run on 60 FPS has caused problems for some PlayStation 4 users. According to a Reddit user 12thedata12, who has posted some of the images of Battlefield 1 glitch we are talking about.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the dynamic resolution scaling causing the game’s resolution to drop to 160 x 90p in an attempt to keep the game at 60 frames per second.

However, we are sure that DICE have taken a notice of this glitch and will be patched soon. But it does raises some questions like how this glitch slipped past developers during testing.

While the dynamic resolution scaling tries to keep the game to run at 60 frames per second, apparently the method is not so effective as many would have expected. According to the frame rate test of Battlefield 1 on PlayStation 4, the game stil needs some fine tunning as the game drops to 30 frames per second in intense action sequences, and stays mostly in 40-50 frame per second range.

DICE has also detailed the Battlefield 1 App for iOS and Android, which is now available for download. The app is, for some reason, also available for Windows 10 mobile devices. Thanks to the companion app, players can keep track of their Battlefield stats, classes, and much more.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to launch on October 21, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those who grabbed the Early Enlister’s Edition are already playing the game.

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