Battlefield 1 Beta Dates Revealed, August 31 to September 8

The Battlefield 1 beta dates have been revealed, and the beta will last from August 31 to September 8. We've got a lot of the details here.

A Czech gaming site that received a press release from EA Poland has revealed the Battlefield 1 beta dates. The beta, which will be the last pre-release play period before the game releases on October 21, three weeks before Titanfall 2 comes out. The beta comes several weeks after the alpha back in late July.

The Battlefield 1 beta dates are August 31 and September 8, roughly a week’s time. The game beta will include two separate modes: Conquest and Rush. Unlike in the game’s original Alpha, you will not be fighting on the Western Front. Instead, you’ll be fighting in the sands of the Sinai Desert, pitting forces of the British Empire against the Ottoman Empire.

In addition to being able to ride across the desert on horses, and fly over it in biplanes, and roll across it in tanks, players will also have to content with a new Behemoth, a superweapon vehicle like the zeppelin that was in the Alpha. This Behemoth is a giant armored train bristling with cannons, and will require teamwork and a great deal of firepower to bring down.

Each of the two game modes also give Battlefield players a good example of both large games and medium-sized games, as Conquest is 64-player and Rush is 24 player. Conquest is the standard “capture territory” mode, with players fighting for a number of key strategic positions. Rush is something a bit different, with an attacking team attempting to destroy the Telephone Posts of the enemy team while the defenders try to prevent them.

The Battlefield 1 beta dates give players not only a good number of days to get used to Battlefield 1 and a lot of time for EA and DICE to see how the game works, but even an extra day for American players to spend a whole day in the beta on Labor Day, which this year takes place on September 5. The beta will be available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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