Battlefield 1 Apocalypse And Battlefield 4 China Rising Expansions Are Now Free

Apocalypse DLC of Battlefield 1, Naval Strike and China Rising of Battlefield 4 are now free as a part of road to Battlefield V.

DICE is continuing the road to Battlefield V by announcing more free Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 content which is now available to download on all platforms. Starting today, Battlefield 1 players can grab Apocalypse DLC for free which includes big maps like Somme, Caporetto, and Passchendaele.

This expansion for Battlefield 1 also includes the Air Assault mode and a high tech military equipment. On the other hand, it’s time to play Battlefield 4 once again with friends as Naval Strike and China Rising are absolutely free now.

China Rising brings us to the battle in the South China Sea with maps including Silk Road, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks, and Dragon Pass. Naval Strike is going to introduce five new weapons for you to try out, 10 new orders, Hovercraft, and a carrier assault game mode.

The road to Battlefield V is a very good strategy by DICE going towards the release of Battlefield V which allows everyone to enjoy all the content of the game without any additional cost keeping us engaged with more content until Battlefield V releases.

That’s not all as you can also earn some free rewards if you go back to Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 today, these free expansions are going to continue until the release of Battlefield V.

Last month, Turning Tides from Battlefield 1 was made free for all the players and road to Battlefield V also comes with some weapons and gears to collect which you can use later in Battlefield V when it launches.

With Road to Battlefield 5, DICE is preparing for their big launch of Battlefield V. For those who can’t wait to play the game, can get their hands on the game with early access. Battlefield V early access will be available to Origin subscribers first followed by those with Deluxe edition of the game.

We are loving all the free content from DICE by finally being able to experience all the content of the game without any extra cost. This strategy by DICE will definitely end up in attracting more players to Battlefield V and win the trust of Battlefield fans.

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