Battleborn Errors, Crashes, Performance Fix, FPS, Tweaks and Other Fixes

How to fix Battleborn errors, crash issues, performance issues for AMD and Nvidia, FPS issues, connectivity issues, tweaks and other related problems.

If over the top MOBAs weren’t enough for you, there are a couple of first person games coming from the same genre. Yes, I am talking about Battleborn and Overwatch. While Blizzard’s launch has still some time, Battleborn has been released to masses for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The game had an impressive beta run and it is looking great at launch. However, there are some issues being faced by PC users that might need some fixing. Since it’s a moba game, regular updates and patches are expected for balance. With these updates, small bugs and other related issues will also be ironed out.

In the meanwhile, you can refer to our troubleshooting listing for the most common issues being faced by the users in Battleborn.

Battleborn Troubleshooting

#1 Battleborn – Performance Issue for AMD Users
There have been reports from AMD users that they are getting below average FPS on their hardware. Well, if you are facing a similar issue, it’s recommended that you try disabling Physx as this property is know to cause issues for AMD users. Needless to say that your GPU drivers should be up to date. I am hoping that a new drivers version will be rolled out soon to address the issue.

#2 Battleborn – Performance Issue for Nvidia Users
Nvidia has recently released new drivers version optimized for Battleborn and Forza Apex. So if you haven’t updated them yet, do it and you will see a significant boost in performance.

#3 Battleborn – Connectivity/Lag Issues
The reasons for Lag on consoles and PC can be different. If you are a PC user, you should make sure that your firewall or security tool isn’t blocking the game. Also if your NAT is set to moderate, you should make sure that these ports required by Battleborn are open for a smooth experience.

#4 Battleborn Download Issues
If your download is stuck, you should refer to this short guide. Personally I will recommend that try changing your server region and download again. This normally gets the job done.

#5 Battleborn Tweaks for Improved Performance
Tweaking values in .ini files of games can help you achieve a proper balance between visuals and performance depending on your hardware. Battleborn allows you to d just that. You can find the configuration file in C:\Users\\Documents\My games\Battleborn\PoplarGame\Config\PoplarEngine.ini directory. The list of variables you can tweak to customize the experience are as follows:


That is not all of it and there are some other properties too which you can alter according to your need. It’s always safe to have a backup of the default .ini file before making changes in case things go South and you may have to restore everything.

#6 Battleborn – Failed to authorzie character by server error
If you are getting this message, then it might very well be due to temporary unavailability of the services. Try logging in again after a while and it should work fine.

#7 Battleborn Crashes – Player initialization failed on PC
The issue was also prevalent in the beta for some players however, it seems to be have resolved with the full release. If you are still facing the issue, you should try uninstalling the beta first and try a fresh install however, if the issue persists, you can try this to resolve the problem.

If you are facing any other issues related to Battleborn, do share with us in the comments below.

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