Batman: Arkham City The Bowery Riddle Solutions

Deciphering the Riddler’s clues in The Bowery.

Batman: Arkham City has a plethora of challenges laid out by the Riddler where you will only be given a clue to solve a puzzle. If you are looking to clean up the Bowery district, we will lend a helping hand by marking the locations of all riddles in The Bowery alongside how to solve them.

There are a total of 11 riddles to complete in the Bowery district, almost all of which are easy. Their solutions will always be nearby. You just need to know where to look.

How to solve all Bowery riddles in Batman: Arkham City

Riddle #1: You don’t have to be crazy to shop here, do you?

To solve the Riddle, you need to scan the Jezebel Center sign which can be found behind the Bank of Gotham building.

Riddle #2: Arkham City is not the place to be rich or famous. Bruce Wayne has never felt quite so wanted.

There are Bruce Wayne wanted posters on the wall right of Cyrus Pinkney’s Institute for Natural History’s main entrance. Scanning them will complete the Riddle in the Bowery district.

Riddle #3: Cowboy, trilby, or bowler? Hats off to anyone brave to try one on.

You will need to scan the Hat Shop logo opposite of Cyrus Pinkney’s Institute for Natural History to solve this Riddle.

Riddle #4: The feuding families always sit down to a good meal. Will there be a massacre?

The Sal Maroni’s is an Italian Restaurant located west of the Bank of Gotham. To find the solution to the Riddle, scan its sign board.

Riddle #5: You’re a dummy if you don’t try and buy one.

To complete this Riddler Challenge you need to scan the Magic and Props shop sign. You will find it southwest of the Ace Chemicals building.

Riddle #6: Do you need to look SHARP to campaign for change?

On the rooftop of the building opposite the Bank of Gotham, there is a Quincy Sharp’s “Vote Sharp” billboard. Scan the billboard to solve this Riddle.

Riddle #7: Studies have shown that if you’re not on your best behavior, you’ll come out crazy. How Strange?

The solution to this Riddle can be found at the entrance of the Tyger Inmate Behavioral Analysis Unit, located in the southeast corner of The Bowery. Scan the white sign at its entrance to complete it.

Riddle #8: Was the writing on the wall from the moment you entered?

There is a golden plaque commemorating Quincy Sharp’s opening Arkham City on the balcony of Arkham City Processing Center. It is the one opposite of the huge Gotham tilted neon sign, under the big screen. Scan the plaque to solve another Bowery Riddle in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddle #9: This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?

Enter through the door on the same balcony of Arkham City Processing Center as the previous Riddle. Head down the hallway and use the Remote Electrical Charge to open the door on your right.

You need to hack open the next door ahead using the Cryptographic Sequencer. The correct password is “INTERROGATION”

Scan through the window next to the door and align the parts to form a question mark symbol to solve the riddle.

Riddle #10: You don’t want to be caught off-guard in this place, do you?

Enter the Arkham City Processing Center through the balcony as done previously. Use your Remote Electrical Charge to enter through the door on your right at the end of the hallway.

Glide down to the lower level and use the Electrical Charge to lift the door. It will take you to a large room with a video screen in the center.

Open the metal door on your left and scan the man strapped to the chair to complete the Bowery Riddle in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddle #11: My intellect towers over yours, Batman. I wonder if you’ll ever solve this riddle?

Scan the head of the Wonder Tower, opposite the Bank of Gotham to solve the Riddler Challenge.

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