Batman: Arkham City Museum Riddle Solutions

Solve every single riddle the Arkham City Museum holds.

Planning to complete the Riddler Challenge in Batman: Arkham City? You sure would have some trouble solving all the riddles in the Museum District. This is a large area, with the riddles well hidden within it.

Moreover, there are a total of eight Riddles here. Though most of them are simple scans, there is one particular riddle here that is very hard to solve. If you’re having trouble of any kind finding each challenge in the Museum, let us help you out.

How to solve all Museum riddles in Batman: Arkham City

Riddle #1: Who’s in control here? The puppet or the puppeteer?

Head to the western wall of the Trophy Room. This will be west of the exit and just before the corridor that leads into the Gladiator Pit.

On the right side of this wall is a puppet (Scarface) on display inside a huge container. Scan this puppet with your Detective Vision to solve this Museum riddle.

Riddle #2: Was he framed? Or does it just run in the family?

Head to the eastern wall of the Gladiator Pit, exactly at the edge of the corridor leading down from it. There is a picture of a family of three (the Cobblepot Family) on the wall here. Scan this portrait to complete the riddle.

Riddle #3: Have Joker’s pets laughed themselves to death or just eaten too much?

Just after entering through the War Room’s door, go up the stairs to your right. This will be in the southwestern corner of the Museum.

Just after these stairs, on your left, is a stuffed Hyena on display. This Hyena is one of Joker’s pets – Bud and Lou. Scan the stuffed Hyena to solve this riddle in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddle #4: Brothers in arms, Brothers at war. Who is right? Who’s… Left?

This riddle is located in the southern part of the War Room, just southeast of the preceding riddle. On the wall on the eastern wall here, behind Mr. Freez’s display case, you’ll see a poster advertising a circus act.

This is the Hammer and Sickle Act – Scan it to complete the riddle.

Riddle #5: This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?

Right as you enter the Torture Chamber from the Gladiator Pit, stop at the edge of the corridor, and turn on your Detective Vision to see a green question mark to the far left of the room.

There is a green dot on the pillar ahead of it as well. The solution to this Museum riddle lies in aligning the dot with the rest of the question mark whilst in your Detective Vision.

To do that, head down from your left, then look right and attach your Line Launcher to the wall on the right – in a diagonal fashion. Then, cancel your zipline and get on top of the rope.

Now you can move across the rope whilst using your Detective Vision to align the question mark perfectly.

Riddle #6: How do you protect yourself when it’s raining bullets?

Go to the center of the Iceberg Lounge and you’ll find a bald NPC called Officer Stickland who holds an umbrella. Scan this NPC to solve the riddle.

Riddle #7: Can anyone TOP the Penguin when it comes to the full VIP treatment?

To get to this riddle, you must enter the museum from the Iceberg Lounge side in Batman: Arkham City. Once inside, enter the corridor on your left and then look to your right just as you do.

There are three mannequins here, and the one in the middle is wearing a hat (the TOP hat). Scan this mannequin to complete this riddle.

Riddle #8: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, or there will be explosive consequences.

In the northern end of the Museum – the Armory – head towards the north wall. Turn left next to the stairs on the ground level. There should be a display case right in front of you holding three skeletons.

Scan these skeletons to solve the riddle.

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