Batman: Arkham City Mr. Freeze Boss Fight Guide

Break the ice with 12 different takedowns.

Victor Fries was a celebrated cryogenicist before an accident while researching a cure for his wife’s fatal illness turned him into a cold-blooded mutant, Mr. Freeze.

After being poisoned by the Joker, you will go to Mr. Freeze for a cure in Batman: Arkham City. Save him from Penguin and then ask for his help. Freeze, however, will want you to first find where the Joker is keeping his wife, Nora Fries.

With deteriorating health and in no mood for negotiations, you deny Freeze which makes him turn against you and start the fight.

The Mr. Freeze boss fight is one of the most challenging and demanding fights in Batman: Arkham City. It requires you to master different aspects of the gameplay and unlock most gadgets.

This is why we have compiled this guide to help you overcome the fight in both hard and NG+ difficulties. Let’s get started.

Mr. Freeze location in Batman: Arkham City

Where to find Mr. Freeze in Batman: Arkham City.

After talking with Mayor Quincy Sharp in the main story, head over to the GCPD building east of Amusement Mile. Grapple up to the east gargoyle on top of the building and use your Detective Vision to find a group of thugs right below you. Glide down and beat them up but be careful since there are a few shield enemies as well.

Once you are done, use the Remote Electrical Charge on the switch above the frozen GCPD gate. Slide under the gate and enter the Forensic Lab on your right. Immediately turn left and go through the doorway on your right to meet up with Mr. Freeze. A cutscene will occur after which the boss fight will begin.

How to beat Mr. Freeze in Batman: Arkham City

Mr. Freeze is a quick learner which makes beating him quite tricky in Batman: Arkham City. The boss fight requires you to use different methods of takedowns with each one working only once.

Depending on your difficulty level, the number of takedowns can vary with Easy needing 3, Normal 5, Hard bumping it up to 8, and New Game Plus needing 9 unique methods.

After each move, Mr. Freeze will be able to counter it hence making a takedown effective only once. For example, if you have already performed a sneak takedown, going up to him again will make him activate his jetpack.

Additionally, on hard and NG+ difficulty, the option to auto-select methods and hints is turned so the game will not offer you any help.

He can also track your footprints, use scout drones to locate you, attack you with his freeze gun, and shoot out grenades as well. This combined with his armored front, makes it impossible to attack from the front.

You will need to use the environment to your favor by taking cover behind shelves, making him walk into electrocuted water, or running into an exploding wall.

Ways to take out Mr. Freeze in New Game Plus

The New Game Plus mode is the highest difficulty you can fight Mr. Freeze in Batman: Arkham City. In total, there are 12 different takedown methods but you will need to perform any nine successfully to win the fight. Remember that takedowns will only stun Mr. Freeze and you actually need to beat him down to deal damage.

1. Takedown using Disrupter
Equip the Disrupter and use it on Mr. Freeze when he is aiming his gun at you. It will overload his weapon making him drop down temporarily during which you can land a few good punches.

2. Takedown using Remote Electrical Charge
When Mr. Freeze is near you, use the Remote Electrical Charge to fire an electromagnet that will make his suit malfunction.

You can also use it on the conductor mounted on the wall just right from the stairs. Do make sure Mr. Freeze is near enough for it to impair his suit.

3. Takedown using Explosive Gel
This takedown is a combination of gadgets and environmental props and can be a bit tricky to execute. Go downstairs and the room on the left will have a destructible wall. Use the Explosive Gel on it and wait for Mr. Freeze to get on the other side before detonating it.

You can see a hostile number as well as his feet from the gap under the wall which will let you know when he is in position.


Having Explosive Gel out while Mr.Freeze is nearby will notify him. We recommend putting some distance between the two of you before performing this takedown.

4. Electrocuted Water
Right outside the room with the destructible wall, there is a water puddle with active current wires in it. Lure Mr. Freeze to step in the puddle and then press the red button mounted on the wall next to it.

If manually pressing the switch is proving difficult, you can also use a Batarang to activate it. Just make sure you don’t step into the puddle while beating him up.

5. Takedown using Line Launcher Tightrope
You can use the Line Launcher Tightrope in tandem with a Drop Attack or while sneaking behind him. If you are attacking from behind, aim for the center of his suit for the icon to appear to use it.

There have been a few problems with this method where it will not let you use the Line Launcher. If you get this issue, either use another method or try again a few minutes later.

6. Silent Takedown
The Silent Takedown is pretty self-explanatory. Just sneak behind Mr. Freeze and get close enough to trigger it.

7. Grate Takedown
There are grates in the middle of the room, right across the electric puddle that you can hide under. Wait for Mr. Freeze to come walk over to take him down.

After you beat him up, do not go back into the grates because he will immediately freeze the whole area after getting up.

8. Window Takedown
Head down to the room on the left and hide behind the large windows by crouching. Take Mr. Freeze down when he walks over to the other side.

The window takedown will work even if the window glass is not broken. Also, we found that it will not work if you are using a corner cover to hide instead of crouching.

9. Drop Attack
Head upstairs and perch yourself on the railing looking down. You can perform a Drop Attack to take Mr. Freeze down when he is under you.

10. Glide Kick
Gliding down from any high-up place will allow you to perform the Glide Kick for takedown. Do note that Mr. Freeze will disable your cape after this so save this one for the end.

11. Overhead Takedown
There is a skylight above the room on the left. You need to lure Mr. Freeze to walk under it to perform the overhead takedown.

12. Ledge Takedown
Lure Mr. Freeze upstairs and hide by hanging from the ledge. Take him down once he gets close enough.

Mr. Freeze will attack you if he sees you climbing the ledge so do it only when he doesn’t have eyes on you.

General tips and strategy

The fight with Mr. Freeze is hard enough in Batman: Arkham City so here are a few tips that we wish we had known sooner to help you out.

To grab Mr. Freeze’s attention, you can use freeze grenades or walk into his line of sight. If there is a specific place you want to lure him to, then make him track your footprints there.

If you stay in-cover for too long, he will release Heat-Seeker Drones that use your body heat to track you down. This also means you can be spotted anywhere on the map.

The same is the case with staying in Detective Mode for too long but the penalty is more severe here. Freeze will put down Sensor Jammers that will block you from using the ability for the rest of the fight.

Spamming gadgets like Batarangs will have no effect on his health but will reveal your position. Use them only when he is down or you want to lure him.

After a takedown, Mr. Freeze will get back up with an immunity shield around him. Do not get close or attack him while it’s active because it will damage you.

Lastly, grapple up to the balconies to move around the places quickly.

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