Banished Build Simulation Out Now – Top 3 Places To Buy

After much anticipation, building simulator Banished has finally released on PC. It’s available now through most major networks as a digital download.

Banished goes back to the pure form of management. Gameplay revolves around a group of people who try to start their new life on an untouched land.

Everything in the game is set on resources. Things like trees and rocks can be harvested to produce shelter in any shape desired.

With housing in place, it’s also important to keep the population fed by growing crops and the likes. Villagers will have their own cycle and so they will grow older, procreate and eventually die.

There is no set structures in Banished; Without skill trees, it’s possible to build anything from the start. The only requirement is that there are resources to produce the build.


In order to acquire things not in immediate reach, it’s possible to trade. To keep things based purely on resources, there is no gold or currency system; it’s all derived from harvesting.

There are 20 occupations in the game, from mining to teaching. Managing the town is the only goal in the game.

At launch, Banished costs $19.99. We’ll list the best places to get your copy, from least favorable to most favorable, in a list below:

3. Steam

This is the standard, all-purpose place to shop, but it’s quite limited. Prices are raised for Europeans at €18.99, which is roughly $26. Also, this comes with the standard Steam digital rights management (DRM).

Buy Banished on Steam.

2. Shining Rock Site

This version has the game available through the Humble Bundle widget. It comes with both a DRM-free version and a Steam key. In addition, it only applies a single price model of $19.99 and gives the most money back to the developer, after costs.

Buy Banished on the Shining Rock site.


GOG both supports a DRM-free library and a single price model, so regions outside of North America simply pay $19.99 or the equivalent calculated back from that price. For Europe, the price would roughly be €14.5. It’s the easiest library to maintain and has notifications for updates. As an extra kicker, GOG applies a 30-Day money back guarantee.

Buy Banished on

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