Should You Give An Offering At the Statue Of Gods In Baldur’s Gate 3

Is it worth spending so much to make the gods happy?

Every race and culture in Baldur’s Gate 3 worships different gods, so throughout the game, you will encounter different statues of these deities. However, during Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you can actually find statues where you can pray and give offerings to those gods and gain some bonuses in return. But the question is, should you offer gold to these god statues in BG3? And how much do you actually need to pay to earn their favor?

These statues of the gods are located in the Stormshore Tabernacle in the Lower City section of Baldur’s Gate. Go to the temple (if you are doing Gale’s Wizard of Waterdeep quest, it will already take you there), and you will see the statues on both sides of the room.

How to get Blessing from the Statue of Gods in Baldur’s Gate 3

When you approach one of the statues of the gods, you are prompted to make an offering in exchange for the blessing. There are statues of Tyr, Mystra, Selune, and Helm in this room. Pick whoever you are devoted to. The buff you get is the same from all of them.

You can either offer them gold or items worth equal to the amount of gold required. So, if you have been collecting a lot of junk, this might be a good way to get rid of it.

The amount of gold required as an offering to each statue depends on the difficulty on which you are playing BG3. For me, on Tactician difficulty, I had to offer 5,000 gold before I got the buff. Pretty expensive buff, I would say.

The blessing you’ll be obtaining is the Anointed in Splendor, which gives a +2 bonus to saving throws. The buff remains active till the next long rest, but once you have made an offering, you can revisit the statue any time and reactive the buff for free.


Is it worth giving an offering to the Statue of Gods in BG3?

The amount of gold required is quite steep, especially since only one character, the one who makes the offering, gets the bonus. This means the more members you add to gain the buff, the price multiplies. This makes this an expensive buff. Baldur’s Gate 3 heavily relies on luck roll, and in the case of simple, sheer bad luck, the +2 buff is just useless.

Unless you have plenty of gold to spare and are already decked out in top-tier gear, I wouldn’t recommend wasting money on the buff. It’s a good thing that this happens in Act 3 so you can make the offering just before proceeding to the point of no return.

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