Guide – Game Modes, Leveling Up, Shield Defense, Combat (Tips And Tricks)

In this Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting started with the We have some details related to shields, weapons, and objectives.

Looking for an insightful and informative guide to the recent battleground game Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Guide will shed light on the basic and core concepts and mechanics of the game. Get the best out of every fight in by following our guide below. Guide to Beginners

In the game, your main objective is to eliminate enemies by throwing an axe at them; no this isn’t God of War. Along with the ‘Throw Axe’ icon on screen, you’ve got the ‘Dodge’ icon as well that is to avoid axe throws by other enemies. Pretty basic, right? Wrong. There’s more to the game than that.

As you level up in the game, you’ll be able to unlock a lot more than just an axe. You’ll be able to use several variations of the axe and even a shield.

You’ll also unlock more attack options than just axe throwing. One of these is the short-ranged attacks that comes quite handy.

Close-Quarter Combat

Upgrading to a decent level will help you gain the ability to throw axes, but this time, in short ranges as well. This improves accuracy of the projectile since the target will be much closer and thus much easier to hit. However, this also puts you in a dangerous position.

The foe may decide to roll over and counter with an axe throw real close to you. Of course, you can avoid close-ranged axe-throws from other enemies using a similar strategy and roll forward to punish them.

Guarding with a Shield

After you’ve crossed level 2, you will be able to pick shields from the battleground and use it to defend yourself. The shield has the property of absorbing one hit from a single axe throw. After this, it becomes obsolete but then you can always pick a new one.

Shields at level 2 will block attacks from the front, while upgrading to level 5 will allow you to block attacks from the rear as well.

Thankfully, you can equip both types of shield at the same time as well so you’re always protected from both directions unless you’ve got a large number of foes aiming axes at you.

Leveling Up

Upgrading your character and his abilities will depend on your performance in battle. The more kills you get, the more experience points you receive so the quicker you level up.

Additionally, you can choose to pick up gold coins from the battlefield after the battle is over. These coins are dropped by enemy characters and cannot be picked during battle.

A higher level, as discussed above, will help you gain new abilities like the close ranged axe throw, picking up shields and even new weapons like the explosive axe. So don’t forget to pick those coins up whenever you’ve got the time for them.

Game Modes

You can engage in many types of battles in different game modes in The Arena mode will pit you against six computer-controlled foes where you can polish up on your skills and learn new ones. You’ll also receive gems for playing the mode.

Deathmatch Mode will allow you to fight against players globally on a larger map than the Arena mode. This is where the real fun lies as you predict the enemy’s movement and attacks and act accordingly.

Battleground puts a spin on the battle royale genre since you battle against CPU opponents as well as real players in a fight to be the last one surviving. Only in this mode, there’ll be yellow dots on the mini-map.

Travelling to these locations, you can gather swords, explosive barrels and other unique items that help in the battle to come.

Lastly, a bizarre mode titled ‘Dragon Hunter’ will have you and other CPU players fight a dragon together by throwing axes. It’s ridiculous, we know.

The player closest to the dragon will be the one noticed by the beast. You will need to doge or roll to avoid the fireball that the dragon responds with. Follow up with the axe throw and you’re good to go.

This is all we have in our Guide to Beginners. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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