Avalanche Studios Was Allegedly Working On Mad Max 2 Before COVID-19

Mad Max 2 apparently exists, or at least it did at one time when developer Avalanche Studios was running facial scans for its character models.

Taking to Twitter last week, digital researcher Wendy W. Fox shared a photo of herself being scanned by several photogrammetry cameras at Avalanche Studios for what she said was Mad Max 2.

Fox added that she was personally invited by the developer to be cast as a “rebel” character. Unless she was mistaken about the game in question, Mad Max 2 has been in development for more than three years now since the photo appears to have been taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first Mad Max game was released back in 2015 with notably poor-quality character models. Hence, if a sequel is indeed in development, Avalanche Studios might be looking to redeem itself by using photogrammetry scans for high quality results.

Mad Max 2 has neither been teased nor rumored in recent years. There stands a possibility that the sequel was canned during development. Avalanche Studios, at least for now, is confirmed to be busy with Contraband, described as “the most ambitious and spectacular game” from the Just Cause developer to date.

Contraband will be exclusive to Xbox and intends to make full use of Xbox Game Pass to increase its player-reach, which holds importance because the game features cooperative play where players must pull off heists in an open world inspired by the 1970s.

As for Mad Max 2, consider the project to be in limbo unless an official acknowledgement arrives.

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