Atlas Fishing Guide – How to Fish, Fishing Spots, Tips

In our Atlas Fishing Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting started with fishing in the game and how to get good at it.

The new Hunger System in Atlas requires you to satisfy all the vitamins required by your body. The meals available on land will satisfy most of the vitamin requirements, but people tend to struggle to fulfill the blue bar.

Vitamin deficiency is nothing to joke around and may lead to your death. The blue bar can be filled with having a fish, but before you have it, you will need to catch it first. Our Atlas Fishing Guide will teach you how.

Atlas Fishing

For beginners, a simple spear should suffice; simply dive into the middle of the ocean and start hunting some fishing, before dragging their corpses back on shore and harvesting meat from them.

However, a superior method is to do it the traditional way. For this, you will need a raft with a chair on it and of course a fishing rod. Before starting your hunt, make sure you have enough bait with you.

There are plenty of sugar canes and saps on the island to use as bait, so make sure to stack up on them.

Take the raft somewhere in the middle of the ocean, sit in the chair, attach bait to the fishing rod. This can be done by placing the bait in the 3 slots available on the fishing rod. Then you can left click and throw out the hook and wait for your catch.

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