Astral Chain File 01: Startup Walkthrough

This Astral Chain File 01: Startup guide will walk you through all the cases, boss fights and collectibles hidden throughout the game intro.

This Astral Chain File 01: Startup guide will walk you through all the File 01 cases in Astral Chain. It will include all the details that you need to know, like what to do in combat and how to progress through the areas etc.

Astral Chain File 01: Startup

You can think of the first chapter or file of Astral Chain as the tutorial for the entire game that you’re going to play. You will face several enemies as well as a boss in this file who you may find difficult but can surely beat.

As the game begins you will first have to select the gender and other features of the character you are going to use in the entire game. You can change these features or the gender in the latter part of the game as well.

After all the customizations on your character, you will now play the first part of the chapter where you will be riding a motorcycle and trying to chase someone.

Hot Pursuit (Red Case)
Just drive along the path where the arrows are indicating using the left stick and try to evade by pressing the “B” button. The arrows on the wall will signify where you need to go. You’ll also need to take out some enemies during this chase and doing so will end this section and the results will appear.

This results screen will show how well you performed in this section of the game. You’ll get points depending on how well you did. Your performance is affected by factors like damage taken and time taken to complete the section etc.

Toilet Location
When you gain control of your character after the highway chase ends, head towards head towards the scene of the incident and go around the truck to your left. You’ll find the toilet on the opposite side of the highway divider. Inside, you’ll find the Antiseptic Wipes.

Highway Rescue (Blue Case)
After this, go back to the scene of the incident and help the person who is wounded by escorting them to the heel. This is all you need to do for the Blue Case.

Cat Location
Now, before you start the red case, move towards the left side of the highway and go back around until you hear the sound of the cat. You’ll find it by an orange car sitting right next to the highway divider.

After getting the cat (Kinder), move ahead and you will be greeted by some more enemies.

Aberration Assault (Red Case)
You can attack these enemies with ZR and avoid their attacks by pressing B. Defeat these enemies and proceed further. The game will now show you how you can target one specific enemy at a time. This can be done by moving the stick to another enemy while you’re locked on.

The percentage counter under the map (top-right) will show you how many enemies you still have left.

You will encounter more enemies to deal with. You can change your weapons by pressing the down and up directional d-pad.

After this is finished, you’ll be rewarded with some Medicine (a healing item) and you will go to the next section of the chapter where you will be made aware of what Permanent and Field Supply items are (It’s very easy to understand). Permanent items can be used at any time and they will be in your inventory for the entire game; whereas Field Supply items are different. If you haven’t used the Field Supply items by the end of the file, they will be lost.

Next objective is to go and meet Akira. Keep pressing forward and you’ll reach to him in no time. Here you will encounter more enemies to deal with. These enemies are quite peculiar as you won’t be able to see them at first. After talking to Akira about them, you’ll understand how to fight them.

After the cutscene ends, you will be made aware of how to use your Legion.

You can use sword attack to deal damage to the enemies. You can upgrade the Legion later on. The Legion has a meter bar and if it depletes you won’t be able to use it for a time being so use your Legion at points you need it most. Deal with the chimeras so that you can proceed and fight the final boss of the mission Laius.

If your health is low, don’t shy away from using the Medicine that you got earlier.

Fighting Back – Laius Boss Fight

Laius is really fast and quite nimble. He’s way more powerful than the enemies you faced before in this file. However, his moveset is practically the same as the enemies you’ve fought before, so you won’t have much trouble dealing with him.

He has a shield in front so he does not take much damage from the front. The best way is to deal damage from behind. You can use your Legion effectively here as well but do keep in mind of the meter.

Buried Item Location
If you have the Beast Legion, you can find a buried item during the boss fight. Hold LZ + Right Click to search the arena for a blue circle and then dig it up once you find it.

Dropped Item Location
You can also find a dropped item for the Order Finders during this boss fight, but this will require you to have the Archer Legion. To get it, target the spotlight during the boss battle

After some time in the later stage of the fight, Laius will start throwing cars at you and you will have to dodge all of them. Doing so successfully will finish the boss fight and you will be shown your chapter results. Now you can progress to File #2.

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