Assassin’s Creed Origins Community Achievements Reveal, Total Kills, Total Deaths, Total Distance Traveled And Much More

Assassin's Creed Origins Community Achievements has revealed some interesting in-game achievements numbers. From the total number of kills until now.

If you head over to Assassin’s Creed official website and navigate to Assassin’s Creed Origins Community Achievements, you will be amazed at what you shall find over there. Some of the interesting in-game achievements have been revealed, from the total number of kills until now, to a total number of deaths, total distance traveled, special kills; which include kills by assassination, bleed, fire, poison and these are just tips of the iceberg.

Starting off, the total number of kills by all of the players so far has exceeded a hefty number of fifteen billion, in digits it translates into (15,360,552,025). Special kills have been broken down into percentage kills, in which there have been 42% kills by assassinations, 32% by bleeding, 18 % by fire and 8% by poison.

The total number of deaths by all players so far, is more than four hundred three million deaths, in digits, it translates into (403,383,432). Then the causes of death have been broken down, in which there have been 82% deaths in combats, 11% by fire, 4% died by falling and only 1% died due to the collision.

Apart from all this, the most used weapons in the game by the players, based on their number of attacks have also been revealed. Turns out Regular Sword is the most used weapon, which makes Sickle Sword the second most used weapon and Light Bow the third most used weapon in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Although all of the above-mentioned stats may be interesting, the most interesting is the Headshot Accuracy that is 30%. Which tells us that, not many players have been able to properly execute headshots in the game.

That said, the most popular legendary weapon based on average time spent is Smoke and Mirrors-Preditor Bow, with over 4 hours and 46 minutes in total.

According to the Assassin’s Creed Origins Community Achievements, total distance traveled by all players is 3 billion kilometers which translate into 3,153,970,650 km.

Aside from this, if you have been wondering whether, time spent with Horse is more than Camel or vice versa, then you would be amazed to know that percentage-wise, players have spent 61% more time on horse compared to Camels with 39%.

Percentage by category of all ability points spent, shows warriors with 39.2%, hunter with 33.4% and seer with 27.4%. Last but not the least, the average time spent using SENU is about 1 hour and 50 minutes in total.

So these numbers are pretty much it, Ubisoft has been able to reach so far, which are really amazing, considering the success this game has had these numbers, do seem to justify it.

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