Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 2 Walkthrough – A Journey Into War, Crumble and Burn, the Final Push, the Wolf of Sparta

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete A Journey into War, Crumble and Burn, and The Wolf of Sparta missions.

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete all the Main Missions associated with the game’s second chapter. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do, important choices, enemy encounters, and more.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 2 Walkthrough

In the Wolf Hunt, we will focus on learning how to control our ship, fight pirates, head for Megaris, fight the Athenian ships there, topple the nation, and finally face The Wolf.

However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.

A Journey into War

Your initial target will be to reach Megaris so you can finally meet The Wolf. When you reach a specific distance from Megaris, you will be notified that Megaris is under attack from the Athenians.

You will encounter three Athenian ships here that you will have to destroy.

Pro Tip: Ram straight into the first ship and use arrows to fire on the soldiers on the ship. Try to outflank the enemy as much as possible. Do note that sinking a ship will raise your bounty status.

After defeating all three ships, you will finally reach land. A cinematic will play where the Athenians are fighting the Spartans.

The Spartans will defeat them easily and two characters will be revealed here i.e. Stentor, Wolf’s adopted son and Nikolaos, the Wolf himself.

Another cutscene will trigger and Stentor will stop you from reaching the Wolf until you prove your worth to the Spartans.

Stentor will teach you how to topple a nation here i.e. kill their soldiers, plunder their supplies, loot their Drachmae, and kill their leader.

This will be the first time you conquer a nation so be sure to do all side-quests Stentor gives you and level up before you go topple that nation.

Pro Tip: After your conversation with Stentor, talk with the civilian Dolios. You will learn about the mercenary Hyrkanos. You will be given a side quest to kill him. If you do kill him beforehand, he will not be present in the conquest battle afterward.

Crumble and Burn

First, visit the Port of Nisaia. You need to find four war supply chests here and burn them. Be careful though, the area is guarded and the enemies are on high alert.

Defeat the soldiers here, including the Polemarch and the Captain of the area and burn the chests with a torch. You will get extra XP for your character and the nation’s forces will weaken.

The first war supply chest can be found near the west wall, on the barn’s second floor on the second floor. Eliminate the soldiers nearby and you will be able to easily burn the supply chest with a torch.

You can find two supply chests at the end of the piers near the water. You will also find a Polemarch and several enemies nearby. Eliminate them through assassination if you want to live.

The fourth and final war supply chest is in the central barn. Burn it. You will also find five prisoners on this port. If you free them, they will become a distraction for the remaining guards. The prisoners do not need to be alive, just freed.

The Athenian Treasure Trove
Head for the Fort Geraneia and loot the Athenian national treasure that you find here. You can also burn the four war supplies and kill the captain for extra XP.

Be sure that you have killed everyone here or at least gone in stealthy. The Treasure Trove takes quite a while to open. You will get extra XP for your character and the nation’s forces will weaken.

This national treasure is one of the five treasure chests in the fort. When you loot this treasure, the mission will be completed. You can continue killing the enemies here and burning down the war supplies or leave them behind for another day.

One Man Army
This is probably the easiest side quest. You just need to eliminate 20 Athenian soldiers you can find. If you visited the Port of Nisaia, you must have already done half of that. Many are on fort Geraneia too.

Chances are, if you have done the previous two missions, you will have done this one too.

The Athenian Leader
You can do this quest before even doing the other side quests ‘One Man army, The Athenian Treasure Trove’ or ‘Crumble and Burn’ but doing them will make this considerably easier.

Head for the Leader’s House in the Valley of the King Lelex. Before getting here, be sure to send Ikarus up to tag all enemies and objectives.

If you have done all the other side quests, the leader might not even be in the house, he may be just outside the city walls, in a tent with low security. Kill the Athenian leader and you are done with this mission.

Note: If you talk to Odessa before doing this quest, she will give you a quest The True Story. This also takes place in the Leader’s House. You can do both quests here so it will be easier.

The Final Push

After killing the Athenian leader, head back to Stentor. He can be found on the shore of Tripodiskos, in the occupied forest, near your docked ship.

Report back your statistics and Stentor will finally want to engage in combat with the Athenians for the fall of Megaris. Follow Megaris towards the tent uphill and talk to him again. The war will begin.

The game will skip to a war where you need to kill every enemy in sight. Your objective here will be to drain the blue Athenian health bar by killing enemies.

If you defeated the mercenary Hyrkanos beforehand, the enemy forces will be considerably weaker and you will have an easier time here.

Kill the enemy leaders named as the elite captains. Killing them will cause a big drain in the Athenians’ health bar.

After the health bar reaches zero, you will receive news that Megaris has now sided with Sparta. You will earn rare materials as well as armor and a lot of Drachmae and XP.

The game will skip to a post-war cinematic where Stentor will congratulate you. You will finally be allowed to meet the Wolf and decide his fate.

The Wolf of Sparta

The mission begins right after the cinematic. Follow the road atop the hill and find Nikolaos on the right, on the edge of the tall cliff, where you saw him in the cinematic. Speak to him and another cutscene will trigger.

Nikolaos will recognize you and say that he regrets his decision of throwing you down the hill.

You are now given two options here. Do note that both options will greatly affect the ending of the game and the story. Choose wisely:

I’ve Come to Take My Revenge
Choosing this option will make you fight the Wolf and kill him. You will get his helmet and sword for killing him.

I’ve Come to Get Answers
Choosing this option will spare Nikolaos but kill the Wolf. Nikolaos will inform you that he is not your blood father but a stepfather. He will also tell you that your mother is alive and well and you need to find her for more answers.

The Wolf will die here while Nikolaos will leave the war and live with the ghosts of his past, dropping his Helmet and Sword on the way.

You can equip this sword ‘Nikolaos’ Sword’, a legendary sword right away. The helmet ‘Wolf’s Helm’ is still a quest item and you need to return it to Elpenor.

Onwards to Phokis

Get back to your ship and talk with Barnabas. After a brief cutscene, we will now have to head to Phokis to meet Elpenor. Barnabas will also suggest talking to the Oracle. And the mission ends, ultimately giving you 2,700 XP.

And that is all for our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 2 Walkthrough which focuses on the quest The Wolf Hunt. We hope you enjoyed it and be sure to let us know in the comments section what you think of this bizarre story.

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