Art of Conquest Basics Guide

This Art of Conquest basics guide will help you understand all the gameplay aspects of this new mobile game and master it in no time

Art of Conquest basics guide to help you find the best heroes, hero upgrades, farming resources, building and upgrading units and additional general gameplay tips.

Art of Conquest is a new MMORTS by Lilith Games. The game is about controlling one of six kingdoms in the world, which is inhabited by five races Human, Lich, Rakan, Sylph and Dwarf. All these races strive to be the very best and are in a constant state of battle with each other.

Battles are fought in real-time PvP battles with heroes and units where the winner takes all the loot and land. The player must select a hero, upgrade him to be a powerful leader of his\her army, collect resources, upgrade buildings and units, expand the territory and constitute good attack teams to come at the top. This guide will cover all these aspects and will help you be the very best in the world of Nore.

Art of Conquest Basics Guide

In our guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding the best heroes to play, how to upgrade heroes, farming resources, and general gameplay tips.

Best Heroes

When the game starts, it offers you, three heroes, to choose from. Each of this hero is unique and has a different role and abilities. This is the most important phase for you to select a hero, which suits your gaming style.

However you can always change the hero in a later stage in the game so if you are happy with your initial choice, you can always change later.

Rufio also known as The Golden Stallion is a tank class hero and is always at the front line. He does almost three times his normal damage when he is fully upgraded.

His major attacks are Heroic Leap in which he leaps across the battlefield and attacks the enemy while the second attack is the Chopping Blade.

Combine both these abilities together and you get a killer combo good for a charging attack or those archers at the back, which can be killed, in a single hit.

If you are choosing Rufio, it is best to upgrade him and give him the best equipment so that he can be a real boss killer.

Avalon is a leader and is good for his leader abilities. His role is supportive on the battlefield. His Natural Leader ability is specifically good for new players.

Focus fire is another support ability, which greatly benefits the archers to take out bosses quickly.

Avalon comes with the perk Supply Cap which increases the number of units you can deploy with him on the battlefield.

His Capture Supply skill makes sure we get resources at the end of every battle. Avalon is particularly a very good all-rounder hero and is a very good option for new players to this game.

Avril is the queen of ice and her role on the battlefield is strategic. Her abilities allow you to plan a strategy and then move your troops ahead.

Her Ice Wall ability can create a large wall between your and enemy troops on the battlefield limiting mobility while her Blizzard ability can freeze enemies right where they stand.

However, all these abilities are not cheap and use a large chunk of her mana bar so it is advised to store enough mana before heading in a battle.

Get Elena

Once you head into the game, your first objective is to get Elena. She is a commandeer with great Strategic Retreat and Magic Resistance.

Her passives Ready and Willing increase the amount of experience she gains which will make it easy to get her to max level

Upgrading Heroes

One of the features of Art of Conquest is that you can upgrade your hero. It is one of the most important aspects of the game, as it will mold your gameplay and the role of your hero on the battlefield.

It is important that you create a balanced hero otherwise; you will be strong at one thing and weak in the one thing.

You should start upgrading the default ability of the hero then move to support ability and then lastly to the DPS as you will need it at a later stage.


There are, as of now, 5 races in the game which provide a different bonus depending on which one you choose. It really is up to you how you choose to play the game; and that playstyle can be boosted by one of the five races found in the game.

  • Humans – Advantage in versatility, initial disadvantage in PvP.
  • Dwarves – Great burst damage, great defense, moderately good in PvP.
  • Lich – Great in PvP but weak against Rakans. Can produce great number of soldiers.
  • Rakan – Recently nerfed, but still formidable in PvP.
  • Sylvan – Go-to race for most players in the game as they are considered to be the meta. Riders and Mushroom Lords can deal a great amount of damage while the Treant Spirits can be used to tank the damage in the field.

Farming and Managing Resources

Collecting and managing resources is very important in Art of Conquest. It is vital that you collect and maintain a healthy resource stock at the start of the game so that expand and build your stronghold. All the resources are stored in the warehouse and it is very important for you to protect your warehouse from enemy units who try to plunder it in order to steal from it.

Main resources of the game is Wood, Mana and Gold which can be found scattered throughout the map or can also be collected within your stronghold. Gold and wood are primarily used to upgrade structures in the stronghold as well as the technology. Mana on the other hand is used in the battlefield by mages and the hero Avril for her abilities.

Blood Diamonds, Mithril and Crystal, which are more of the rarer resources. These can only be found outside your stronghold while exploring the map, robbing other players or intercepting their caravans.

While exploring you may come across different lumber mills, which offer, resources but they have to be transported back to the stronghold via carts. They are vulnerable and must be escorted with guards to protect them. One last resource is Honor which can be used to change race, construct new race-specific structures and recruit new units. Honor can be gathered by killing creatures in the wild or by intercepting other player’s caravans.

Building and Unit Upgrades

At the start of the game, your main objective must be to collect and gather a healthy stock of resources. When you think you have gathered a decent enough stock of resources, you can use these resources to upgrade your buildings and units. Focus on technology as it will unlock new unit types and focusing on one type of units strengthen them up so they perform better in battles.

Humans produce excellent archers, Dwarves make exceptional long-range units. So focusing on a specific technology helps you to use your limited resources wisely. Upgrading the warehouse increases its strength, which makes it difficult to be plundered by the enemy. Upgrading your buildings and units is equally important as to upgrade your hero.

Expanding Territory

Territory is expanded by taking rival kingdoms. These are long and tedious sieges that enable you to take over enemy borders and claim their lands as your own. These are the most difficult battles and require a lot of planning. Most strongholds are well fortified so a health ranged battle army is recommended. All these battles are engaged as real-time PvP battles. Time is slowed down to enable players coordinate attacks. Always try to lay sieges with an ally as it will greatly favor the battle in your side. These PvP battles also occur when you try to attack enemies supply caravans.

General Attack Tips

While launching attacks always make sure you are using a coordinated formation. Although the game does that for you but a custom formation is always better as it gives you room to make the battle ore suitable for the situation.

Always place your weak and disposable units at the front so they can buy enough time for your expensive and ranged units at the back to take care of the enemy units.

Every unit is strong against certain types or units and weak against certain types of units. For example, Infantry are strong against archers, archers are strong against spearmen and cavalry are strongest against infantry. So always, make sure you have a well balance army to counter every type of offensive with proper units.

Never rely too much on numbers by buying a large number of cheap units as you might end up as a target practice for your enemy. Always deploy units in a proper manner; never use all your resources at the same place. To take down mutual enemies, try forming alliances to save your resources as well increasing your chances of survival. In the time of need, units can also be borrowed from your friends or guild, which help you in the time of need!

This is all we have in our Art of Conquest Guide to Best Heroes, Hero Upgrades, and Farming Resources. If you have anything else to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!

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