Armored Core 6 EN Shortfall: How To Increase EN Load

If you are suffering from a severe EN Shortfall, here is how to increase your mech's EN Load in Armored Core 6.

One of the many challenges that you are going to face while building your best mech in Armored Core 6 is dealing with EN Load or EN Shortfall. Both are the opposites sides of the same coin.

Every mech build needs to have a balance. If you improve one aspect too much, you will be sacrificing another in return. You just cannot have everything for your AC6 mech.

Hence, you are definitley going to be running into an EN Shortfall while trying to attach more powerful parts to your mech. When that happens, here is how you can counter that by increasing your EN Load in Armored Core 6.

EN Shortfall explained in Armored Core 6

EN Shortfall is part of your mech’s gameplay mechanics in Armored Core 6. When building or customizing your mech in the game, you will notice that part of each category will have different indications in the statistical panel.

Some indications will be red while some blue. Blue signifies an improvement relative to your current part while Red means inferiority over your currently equipped part.

If you see towards the bottom right you will find the capacity of EN Load if it surpasses the indicated arrow, you will trigger the EN Shortfall. This is the EN Shortfall explained in layman’s terms.


The EN load is at the centre of it all as all the parts manipulate your EN Load bar in Armored Core 6. All the parts are connected to the Load as they all require juice to run. Given the requisite of various parts, their EN load variation can vary due to the parts being light or heavy.

EN Shortfall comes in when your equipped build exceeds your current EN Load capacity in AC6. If this happens you won’t be able to join any battles or arenas. Dealing with this requires you to make tough choices to sacrifice one part for another.

You will see that usually, Heavy equipment like armor and weapons will tend to leech further on the EN load and light armor and weapons will not overwhelm the EN load but the exception of not providing you many defensive or offensive capabilities either. This is where your preferences come in as well.

How to increase EN Load in Armored Core 6

To counter the EN Shortfall, you have to increase your EN Load by understanding your core’s and generator’s EN output in Armored Core 6.

You can build your Core and generator to produce maximum EN output that can conclusively increase your EN Load. Simply equip both parts with parts that offer higher EN stats.

However alarming the Shortfall prompt may appear in the AC6 Assembly panel, the solution to it is easy. We will categorically suggest the best EN-producing items.


For core, we can suggest VE-40A and 07-061 MIND ALPHA. They offer one of the best rates of EN output in Armored Core 6 and should be equipped if the shortfall is evident.


For generators, we can suggest the VP-20S, VP-20D, and VP-20C these similarly named items will be very beneficial for generating maximum EN output that can help you increase EN load in your battles throughout AC6.


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