Ark Survival Evolved Pro Support Will Be Coming Sometime Soon

There will be Ark Survival Evolved Pro support coming for the open-world dinosaur survival game once the Playstation 4 Pro comes out.

Gamers that have been playing the Early Access game Ark: Survival Evolved, but have been planning to buy a Playstation 4 Pro, needn’t worry about having to switch to a PC version of the game. According to Studio Wildcard, Ark Survival Evolved Pro support will be coming sometime in the future.

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Ark: Survival Evolved has been on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC for the past year as more and more features are put in. While the game does look nice now and seems to be fairly stable, Studio Wildcard is now integrating Ark Survival Evolved Pro support for the Playstation 4 Pro version.

Despite the upgrade, anyone hoping for cross-platform play between any of the game’s three versions still has a while to wait; the feature isn’t intended to be implemented any time soon, however, Studio Wildcard has said that it’s not out of the question and that such a feature could be implemented if they get enough demand for it.

You can also rule out any form of Playstation VR support for the game, though like cross-platform play that’s also a feature that could be implemented into the game, especially since when it was first released onto Early Access there was talk of it moving to “Project Morpheus”, later revealed as the Playstation VR. Considering that it’s already in first-person, gamers might be able to be immersed even further into it and trying to survive in the dinosaur-infested biomes of the game.

Getting Ark Survival Evolved Pro support will take a good deal of work from the developers to ensure that the game can support such a jump in graphics and performance, but apparently Studio Wildcard is already working on making sure that the game will be able to work on the Playstation 4 Pro even as we speak.

While there’s no real concrete release date for a Pro port of Ark: Survival Evolved, players will likely be able to expect it sometime next year, maybe in the first quarter.

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