Ark Genesis: Part 2 Obsidian Locations

Obsidian can be used for crafting and can be broken down to make modern tech in Ark Genesis: Part 2. Obsidian is used to craft important items such as Artifact Pedestal, Camera, Cannon Ball, Chain Bola, Handcuffs, etc.

The following guide highlights the locations where you can easily find Obsidian in Ark Genesis: Part 2.

Ark Genesis: part 2 Obsidian locations

The following map highlights the locations of Obsidian in the latest Ark DLC.

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Obsidian Locations

Location #1

Obsidian can be found in the Corrupted Gardens region. The green circle on the map highlights this location. Corrupted Gardens is a huge biome full of dangerous predators.  Approaching the area without caution will result in instant death.  Although this region is full of Obsidian, the following coordinates mark the best locations in this region

  • 48 LAT
  • 38 LON


  • 49.1 LAT
  • 22.6 LON


  • 36.3 LAT
  • 18.5 LON

Location #2

Space is one of the best regions to get Obsidian in Ark Genesis: Part 2.  The red circle represents this location on the map. This area contains resource-rich asteroids and is full of exquisite resources.

An important fact to remember is the space biome changes from 12:30 – 1:30 therefore the availability of resources varies a lot. Resources found today might not be available tomorrow.

Just like the previous location, the Space biome is a huge location. Moving on foot can slow down the process of collecting Obsidian. Using a tame can speed up this process, as the region will be covered more efficiently.

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