Ark Fjordur Plant Y Seeds Locations

If you’re looking to grow Plant Species Y but are having trouble finding the Plant Y Seeds, don’t worry, as we’ve prepared this guide for you where we’ll be showing you all of the spawn locations of Plant Y Seeds in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Plant Y Seeds Locations

Like all the other wild resources in Ark Fjordur, Plant Y also have somewhat random spawn locations. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t narrow down their possible spawn points through the surroundings.

While you might be able to find Plant Species Y in a lot of places on the Fjordur map, the locations below are the best ones.

Plant Y Seeds Farming Location #1

There are two main farming locations in Ark Fjordur where you can farm Plant Y Seeds. The best Plant Y Seed farming location is present at the following coordinates:

  • 56.2 LAT
  • 79.5 LON

The exact location of this Plant Y Seed farming spot is marked in the map image below.

Once you’re at this location, you’ll find tall golden weeds adjacent to the water. After finding the weeds, get on your mount, preferably one that can harvest Plant Y seeds and run through them.

This will destroy all of the weeds, and all kinds of fruits and seeds will be dropped from them, including Plant Y Seeds. A Procoptodon/Kangaroo would be ideal here for farming Plant Y Seeds from these weeds.

There are loads of these weeds present all around this lake, so you can farm tons of Plant Y Seeds in this area effortlessly.

Plant Y Seeds Farming Location #2

For the second Plant Y Seed spawn location, head to the following coordinates:

  • 44.7 LAT
  • 33.2 LON

The exact location of this Plant Y Seed farming spot is marked in the map image below.

Plant Y Seeds

Once you’re at this spot, you’ll realize that it’s in the water. This particular Plant Y farming spot we’re looking for is an underwater cave, so you’ll have to do some swimming to reach it.

From this spot, head straight down and look ahead. You’ll find an opening that you can go through. The exact coordinates of this opening are 46.4 LAT and 34.9 LON.

Once you’ve found the opening, go through and you’ll enter a cave. In this cave, you’ll find all kinds of different plants.

The plants you’re looking for are Pink Corals. So to farm Plant Y seeds from this farming location, simply run through the Pink Corals while on your mount, and you’ll quickly rack up loads of Plant Y Seeds.