Ark Fjordur Deinonychus Locations, Eggs and Nest

This guide will provide you with the locations of the nests and eggs of the Deinonychus in Ark Fjordur and how to tame them.

The variety of beasts in Ark is baffling and all of these beasts have their own habitats where they make Nests and lay eggs to reproduce. Though all the beasts lay eggs, they are not that easy to find in the game. This guide will provide you with the locations of the nests and eggs of the Deinonychus in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Deinonychus Egg and Nest Locations

Deinonychus is a raptor-like dinosaur and you always find around 3-4 nests of these creatures near each other. Each nest can have around a half dozen eggs so you will be set even if you find a single location.

You can find Deinonychus nests at the following coordinates:

  • 45.9° Latitude, 67.0° Longitude
  • 45.2° Latitude, 71.8° Longitude
  • 51.2° Latitude, 69.5° Longitude
  • 56.9° Latitude, 74.4° Longitude

All the nests are almost always guarded by the parents so be ready for a fight if you have planned to enter the nest and steal the Deinonychus eggs. Once the parents have been eliminated, you are free to take the eggs. Add them to your inventory and take them back to your base for incubation or consumption.

How to Tame Deinonychus

Deinonychus is one of the animals that you can only get by raising it from an egg. To hatch the egg, you need to incubate it at temperatures between 174° to 196° Fahrenheit.

Once you have hatched your Deinonychus, you do not need a special diet to get it to grow and any simple carnivore diet can be used to feed your new Deinonychus. If you manage to get multiple Deinonychus, you can breed them to get more eggs and even get mutations to get more Deinonychus with higher and better stats.

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