Ark Extinction Explorer Notes Locations

This guide will discuss in detail all the locations where players can find Explorer Notes in the Ark Extinction map.

Explorer Notes containing story bits are found across the Ark Extinction map. Ark is a survival game with a compelling storyline. Explorer notes have some interesting information for players since they disclose the past and ancestors of players. These notes, which can either be a single page or a dossier, are left by prior Ark survivors.

Players can learn more about Ark’s past by using the explorer notes. These notes do, however, also offer certain benefits. After being read, they provide players with a temporary increase in XP. To get the most impact out of the notes, there are a few restrictions and things you may do.

This guide will discuss in detail all the locations where players can find Explorer Notes in the Ark Extinction map. This will surely brief players about all types of explorer notes players can find throughout the map and what special thing each note contains.

Ark extinction explorer notes locations

Explorer notes are left by previous survivors throughout the map. Because your dino receives both the XP and the effect when you collect them while riding it, doing so is advised. Therefore, the prize for discovering them is doubled. If you discover two Notes quickly, the effect time is increased to the current one rather than being reset.

Explorer notes can also be named XP boosters.  Whenever a player finds a single note he is rewarded with 100 XP and this is an effect that usually ends in 10 minutes. Apart from all these advantages, the biggest advantage of these explorer notes is that if a player collects all types of explorer notes on the particular map this will unlock 10 levels for your character.

Below are the locations of explorer notes left by famous survivors in the game :


Helena Walker

She seems to be an Australian biologist from the present. The Dossiers were created by Helena and they can be found in the following places in Ark Extinction:

Lat 56.8 Lon 36.4

Lat 58.5 Lon 48.6

Lat 63.3 Lon 42.2

Lat 66.5 Lon 55.6

Lat 61.3 Lon 68.9

Lat 55.0 Lon 79.3

Lat 31.2 Lon 59.5

Lat 27.2  Lon 53.6

Lat 19.7 Lon 60.8

Lat 50.7 Lon 21.4

Lat 40.9 Lon 51.5

Lat 16.7 Lon 23.8

Lat 8.2 Lon 29.9

Mei Yin

Mei Yin left some traditional Chinese-written notes that have themes reminiscent of old poems. She is from the Three Kingdoms period.

In Ark Extinction, notes from Mei Yin are at the following locations :

Lat 47.1 Lon 22.5

Lat 47.7 Lon12.2

Lat 73.1 Lon 42.5

Lat 70.6 Lon 53.6

Lat 58.6 Lon 73.4

Lat 43.0 Lon 90.8

Lat 31.8  Lon 81.7

Lat 18.3 Lon 15.3

Lat 13.1 Lon 28.3

The one who waits

The extension notes by “One Who Waits” who is an ascended Homo Deus are found at the following locations :

Lat 46.7 Lon 55.3

Lat 55.2 Lon 49.7

Lat 48.7 Lon 42.6

Lat 41.4 Lon 43.7

Lat 38.8 Lon 13.0

Lat 46.8 Lon 61.9

Lat 43.9 Lon 52.7


Santiago’s notes are found at following locations :

Lat 55.9 Lon 70.1

Lat 56.1 Lon 36.5

Lat 59.6 Lon 69.6

Lat 83.8 Lon 37.5

Lat 42.7 Lon 42.3

Lat 50.5 Lon 35.2

Lat 36.8 Lon 45.4

Lat 40.6 Lon 38.9

Diana Altaras

Diana’s notes are at the following coordinates :

Lat 78.8 Lon79.9

Lat 54.9 Lon 32.8

Lat 25.0 Lon 23.0

Lat 31.1 Lon 23.6

Lat 30.8 Lon 41.2

Lat 33.7 Lon 82.7

Lat 21.8 Lon 38.4

Lat 00.0 Lon 55.7

Lat 5.5 Lon 57.8

Genesis Chronicles

You can find the Genesis Chronicles around the following coordinates:

Lat 85.3 Lon 17.4

Lat 84.9 Lon 16.0

Lat 27.4 Lon 16.8

Genesis Chronicles 2

Lat 51.6 Lon 15.9

Lat 19.9 Lon18.8

Lat 40.4 Lon 57.5

Forest Cave

Explorer Notes related to the Forest Cave in Ark Extinction can be picked up from the coordinates mentioned below:

Lat 11.8 Lot 39.0

Lat 8.6 Lot 43.3

Lat 7.0 Lot 48.2

Lat 8.6 Lot 47.2

Lat 9.6 Lot 47.0

Lat 10.4 Lot 47.6

Lat 12.3 Lot 48.7

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