Ark Crystal Isles Silk Locations

Find out what are the best places to farm Silk in Ark Crystal Isles so that you can also acquire this useful resource without any hassle.

Silk is a very unique farmable resource in Ark Crystal Isles. Unlike other common resources in Ark, silk can help you a lot with its unique attributes. This guide has all the details which will help you locate and use Silk smartly in Ark Crystal Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles Silk Locations

Silk is a highly resourceful item. It can be used to craft other items which include tents, Whip, and Desert Cloth Armor. By killing Lymantria and using a Sabertooth or Metal Hatchet, you can harvest silk or you can harvest it from purple and white flowers scattered throughout the desert with a Sickle. Silk can also be found in reeds on various maps.

Like Valguero and Scorched Earth, Silk is found in Ark Crystal Isles as well. Silk is mostly found near the water usually in ravines but in this expansion, we find a ton of silk in the desert. Famous locations to find Silk are Griffin Trench, Oasis, Desert, and mountains.

Ark Crystal Isles Silk Locations

Location #1

At this location, you can find some at the coordinates below, around the whole lake. Here you will find silk in abundance.


LAN: 67.5  LON: 43.2

Location #2

Once you’re done with the coordinates above, you should head South towards the Griffin trench. GPS coordinates below are probably the best spot to farm some Silk.

LAT:69.8 and LON:40.3.

Location #3

Head to Oasis now and use the coordinates mentioned below

LAT:73 and LON: 49.5

Location #4

If you don’t live near the desert we do have another couple of locations for you.

LAT: 51.4  LON: 42.1

Location #5

The second coordinate if you don’t live near the desert to find Silk is:

LAT:56  LON: 55.1

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