Ark Aberration Fungal Wood Locations

Fungal wood is a common resource in Ark Aberration that has all the properties of wood and is very useful. Fungal wood is used in the crafting of many essential items such as Stone Hatchet, Stone Pick, Slingshot, Stone Structures, Climbing Pick, Fish Basket, Karkinos Saddle, Portable Rope ladders, etc.  The following guide highlights the location of Fungal Wood in Ark Aberration to make it easier for you to find and farm it.

Ark aberration fungal wood locations

The map of Ark Aberration mostly consists of underground biomes and it is in this underground area resources such as Fungal Wood is located. Fungal Wood is extracted from mushrooms scattered around the map. Remember to be careful of the Red and Blue mushrooms as they can induce harmful effects on the player such as Hallucination and Hypothermia.

The following map highlights the locations of Fungal Wood in Ark Aberration:

Ark Aberration Fungal Wood Locations

Location #1

The Mushroom forest is home to numerous large mushrooms that are an excellent source of Fungal wood. The mushroom forest is a serene underforest lying in the green region of the map.  Mushrooms can be collected much more efficiently using a tame such as Trikes and Stegos.

Similar to the Mushroom forest other green regions of the map are full of mushrooms hence providing plenty of Fungal Wood sources.  They are primarily collected from the ground therefore keep a keen eye.

Use a metal sickle to efficiently collect the mushrooms. Be wary of the red poisonous mushrooms growing in these green fertile regions. The red ones can cause hallucinations and critical losses in health. Be very careful.

Location #2

The Blue regions of the map such as Luminous Marshlands are excellent sources of mushrooms. Obtain plenty of Fungal wood by extracting the mushrooms. Cold mushrooms appear in this region and the darker blue ones are the poisonous variants. Be very careful of the poisonous ones as they can have dangerous effects on the player such as Hypothermia.

Remember to get Fungal Wood, you need to extract mushrooms.  Check the green, blue and white supply crates as well to find Mushrooms in Ark Aberration.

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