Apex Legends Easter Eggs, Secrets, and References Guide – Little Secrets You Might’ve Missed

Apex Legends Easter Eggs, Secrets, and References Guide will help you uncover all the well-hidden secrets that Respawn Entertainment added to the game.

Apex Legends has gathered up to 25 million players in the past week alone and so naturally, a lot of them have spent their time exploring the hidden corners of the latest Battle Royale game. If you spend enough time searching, you can find all sorts of Easter eggs and secrets hidden around so this guide will give a rundown of a few that have been found:

Easter Eggs, Secrets, and References

This Easter Eggs, Secrets, and References Guide will help you uncover all the well-hidden secrets that Respawn Entertainment added to the game.

1. Nessie the Dinosaur

This cute little dino is a recurring Easter egg in many of Respawn’s games such as Titanfall and can be found hidden in certain locations throughout Apex Legends. She can easily be found in the tutorial map.

2. Bastion from Overwatch

One of Pathfinder’s poses that players can access from the customization options is called “For the Birds” that involves him getting attacked by a bird.

This is a nice little nod to Overwatch’s Bastion who has a benevolent relationship with nature and often interacts with a little bird.

3. Dog Plushie

This is a little nod to one of the developers’ dog who passed away recently. It can be found in the southwest corner of the training/tutorial map, hidden between a few small rock ledges.

4. Latsimosa Armory

Another Easter egg from a prior Respawn game. If you have played Titanfall 2, then you probably know about one of the major characters i.e. Tai Latsimosa.

He was your captain and it was through him that you gained control of your titan. There are many weapon frames around the map stamped with his personal brand Latsimosa Armory.

5. Misc. Secrets

The hidden additional content goes beyond just Easter Eggs as you can also find quite a few secrets within Apex Legends.

One example of this is the special lootbox. Keep an eye out for a small robot who is hidden in multiple areas around the map and it is usually the mark of a hidden stash within certain buildings.

This stash includes some very high tier pieces of gear once you smash it open, which is bound to give you an advantage over your enemies.

Although the game has set with 3 main categories (Rare, Legendary and Epic), there is an ultra-rare hidden set with a 1% drop rate and no category. This is the Apex Legends Heirloom set. It comes with a series of times that are locked to Wraith:

  • Knife Skin
  • Intro Quip
  • Banner Pose

Now, due to the overly hectic and rushing nature of the gameplay since the player is constantly fighting to survive and win, there is still a quite a lot more world to explore and things to discover. Meaning Apex Legends has even more secrets waiting to be found.

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