Apex Legends Cross-Play Limits Console Players From Matching With PC

Apex Legends will be receiving cross-play support in the coming months but with a few limitations in place for "balanced" gameplay.

Apex Legends will be receiving cross-play support in the coming months but with a few limitations in place for “balanced” gameplay.

Taking to TikTok on the weekend, software engineer Jake Smullin clarified (via DBLTAP) that console players will not be automatically matched against PC players once the cross-play update rolls out for Apex Legends. The only way for console players to be placed in lobbies with PC players will be by having at least one PC player in their squad. Hence, console-only players teaming up in Apex Legends will be exclusively facing other console players.

You will only be in PC crossplay lobbies if you have a PC player on your team. Have been seeing lots of console players worrying about this, but don’t. Everyone should be excited. So no more ‘not crossplay, PC is gonna dominate us’.

Respawn Entertainment has apparently placed the limitations so as not to force cross-play across the board. When pitted against PC players, the precision advantages of desktop peripherals normally trump the controllers of consoles. Hence, console players will be free to enjoy Apex Legends without the fear of being crushed by PC once cross-play goes live.

Respawn Entertainment is expected to detail the cross-play update in the coming months. In addition to cross-play, Apex Legends will be releasing for Steam and Nintendo Switch at the same time, which will probably give the player-base a mighty boost. Do note that the Steam version will not require players to sign into their Origin accounts in the background. However, players will require to sign into their Origin accounts for cross-play.

For those unaware, picking up Apex Legends on Steam will give players access to adorable, exclusive digital goodies. Hence, go ahead and wishlist the game to be notified when the game goes live.

There have been rumors that Apex Legends will be hitting next-generation consoles once they launch at the end of the year. Respawn Entertainment has made no announcements but considering the backwards compatibility of both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the developer may possible release the same current-generation version on next-generation consoles, just like what Ubisoft will be doing with Hyper Scape.

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