Apex Legends Bloodhound Character Guide – Abilities, How to Play, Ultimate Tips

In Apex Legends, each character brings a host of different abilities and strategies. In this Apex Legends Guide, we will be taking a look at the Technological Tracker named Bloodhound. Our Bloodhound Character Guide will help you learn all about playing as him, his abilities kit, how to use his ultimate effectively and some tips.

Apex Legends Bloodhound

The character description does not tell you much about Bloodhound, only his background. However, Bloodhound in Apex Legends is basically a hunter; he has been given excellent tools to deal with campers.

To me, his gadget resembles that of Jackal from Rainbow Six: Siege, but there are a lot more possibilities since this is a Battle Royale game. Bloodhound brings a lot to the table if used correctly. Team coordination is key!

When Bloodhound reveals his enemy’s location, he can only view it, so as Bloodhound you will have to manually let your allies know the location of the enemies.

Lucky for you, this game also features Pinging System using which you can ping or mark the location that you want your allies to see. Therefore, make use of that and do your best.

Bloodhound Abilities

Unlike most of the Battle Royale games, it matters which character you choose in Apex, mainly because each character comes with his/her own unique abilities.

Each character has 3 types of abilities i.e. Tactical Ability, Passive Ability, and the Ultimate Ability. Utilizing each of these will play a key role in your gameplay and the outcome of a match.

Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather
The Tactical Ability of Bloodhound is called “Eye of the Allfather”. This briefly reveals all hidden enemies within your close proximity, along with any Traps or Clues nearby.

The range is nothing to brag about, however, even with a short range, it is very obvious that this is a very useful technique. This can be used to flush out campers in a building easily.

Passive Ability: Tracker
The Passive Ability of Bloodhound is called “Tracker”.

The phrase “Watch your Step” needs to be taken seriously here. With his Passive Ability, Bloodhound can track enemy footsteps, so be wary of where you step during an encounter with the Bloodhound.

Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt
The Ultimate Ability of Bloodhound is called “Beast of the Hunt”. When backed into a corner, Bloodhound can summon his powers to turn him into a beast. Although he retains his form, his senses enhance, so he can track even cold footsteps along with an insane speed boost.

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