Anthem’s Environment Is Exceptionally Interactive, Will Also Affect Your Javelin Suits

The game director Jonathan Warner has recently revealed, Anthem's Environment will have a significant effect on those Javelin suits.

These days, when anyone talks about Anthem they certainly do not miss mentioning those Javelin suits. Apart from the fact that Anthem has nailed down a lot of hearts even before its release, the Javelin suits seem to be the real captivating aspect, of this upcoming game. The developers have been rolling out various details, regarding these suits lately and apparently among those so many details revealed, a new and quite fascinating has recently surfaced. Turns out Anthem’s Environment will have a significant effect on those Javelin suits.

The game director Jonathan Warner, in a response to a question asked by a fan of the game on Twitter, revealed that the Anthem’s Environment can significantly affect those Javelin suits.

A fan asked, how interactive is the environment in the game? To which he said that the environment can affect your Javelin suits, so if its hot, cold, wet or dry out there, be sure to utilize your environment to gain a tactical advantage.

The fans also asked about the exploration of the game, will there be terminals similar to Halo 3 and Halo 4, “a way to obtain lore and history?” To which he said that players can rest assured, that there will be a lot of different ways to explore and discover the lore and history of the world.

Exploring different worlds and seeking out fascinating information, or coming across souvenirs of various kinds, is something that a lot of players seem to enjoy. So it seems like Bioware is aware of that fact, and they have integrated such elements to keep the game interesting, and players attracted towards Anthem.

Ever since Anthem was showcased at E3 2018, Javelin suits have been the real charmer, following the conference a great many details regarding the game and specifically, these suits have rolled out.

Apart from all the details, the hype of the game seems to be filling up to the brim. Hopefully, it would not be a disappointment.

That said, Anthem is scheduled to roll out on Feb 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.