Bioware: Anthem Will Be Bigger Compared To Destiny

According to EA, Anthem will be a Destiny 2 killer and now Bioware has revealed that Anthem will bigger than Destiny in terms of size.

Bioware’s Anthem is nowhere near release but fans are already eager to know more about the game. According to EA, the game will be a Destiny killer and now Bioware has revealed that Anthem will bigger than Destiny.

This is according to Technical Design Director Brenon Holmes, who revealed it over Reddit while talking to a fan that Anthem will be bigger compared to Destiny. However, he added that because of the very reason the game will not be free of loading screens.

We’re taking a different approach (we have different tech) [from Destiny], so our areas are a fair bit larger. But there will likely be some loads between some of the areas. We’re still figuring out the exact details on a lot of this stuff.

Bioware is known for developing the popular Mass Effect franchise, however, the studio has admitted that Anthem has more in common with Star Wars than Mass Effect.

It’s in a genre we call science fantasy. Very much like Star Wars, very much like the Marvel Universe where you see a lot of amazing things happening but we don’t worry too much about why they are happening or how they’re happening; the science of it.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 recently launched amidst the microtransaction controversy and many gamers are worried that such practice might be featured in Anthem. However, according to an industry analyst, EA has leaned ts lesson and microtransactions in Anthem will be cosmetic only.

“Had they restricted themselves to simply restorative things, I don’t figure anybody would have said anything. So Anthem can possibly be Destiny like as far as amusement experience, and Overwatch like in terms as microtransactions offered, where it’s all true and nobody say anything otherwise.”

Bioware also has high hopes for the upcoming title. According to BioWare general manager Aaron Flynn, EA has given them a chance to create a brand new IP and has given him the chance to create a game that he can play with his family.

We were sitting around after being wrapping on our last Mass Effect game here at Edmonton, Mass Effect 3. And we just thought about, you get a chance, a new chance to build a new intellectual property in this industry, pretty rarely, and so the fact our parent company Electronic Arts was giving us that meant we had to take it very seriously.

Anthem is an action RPG in development at Bioware and will launch sometime next year for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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