Anthem Javelins Do Not Have Their Own Skill Tree, They Are Gear Driven

Executive producer, Mark Darrah has confirmed that Javelins in Anthem will not have their own skill tree, instead you can upgrade them through gear.

Anthem is the next biggest sci-fi game everyone is looking forward to and people are having a hard time waiting for the game so they are continuously asking questions about the game from the executive producer, Mark Darrah on Twitter. A recent Q/A confirms that Anthem Javelins will not have separate skill trees as revealed before by EA.

It might be really disappointing for all the players who were excited to hear that at first because EA revealed it in a blog that Anthem Javelins will have their own separate Skill Tree.

The blog explained the skill tree in details:

“You have a Freelancer who has a skill tree that applies to all Javelins… As your pilot goes on missions and gains experience, they’ll get better at operating Javelins and get additional efficiency out of them in the form of your pilot skill tree. Your Javelins will each have their own separate skill tree that also progresses as each Javelin gains experience.”

Mark Darrah on Twitter has now officially confirmed that this information was incorrect and it doesn’t work like that, instead Javelins can be upgraded through gear.

It’s a clear clarification by the producer and people are really disappointed with EA for giving the wrong information. It’s still possible to upgrade the javelins but with gear but it’s different than using a skill tree which some fans hoped for.

Mark Darrah has also confirmed that Anthem will not include romance options and also there’s no dialogue wheel like Mass Effect in the game but still there will be some choices for you to make.

Time of day in the game will affect enemies and their types which will make the game more interesting whether it’s a night or a day.

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