Anno 1800 Demolition Expert Explosive Shop Locations Guide

In our Anno 1800 Demolition Expert Explosive Shop Locations Guide, we’ve shown each and every Demolition Expert Explosive Shop in the game.

Anno 1800 takes us back in the Industrial Age where you’ve to raise an empire. In our Anno 1800 Guide, you’ll learn about the Demolition Expert and how to locate him.

Finding the Demolition Expert is really important, as in some areas, due to difficult terrain and hills, you can’t expand your empire. You need the Demolition Expert to remove all hurdles and obstacles from your way so that you can expand.

Anno 1800 Demolition Expert Explosive Shop Locations

This objective requires a lot of detective skills and decent IQ. You’ll be given some instructions regarding the whereabouts of the Demolition Expert and you’ve to locate him.

When you click on the objective, the game sends you a location where you have to search for this Demolition Expert. Some hints will also be given – you just have to connect the dots and solve the mystery.

Usually, players are unable to complete the objective that is only because they don’t read the instructions carefully. After you open the objective, the game will tell you the location which is in this case Timber Production Facility.

The second hint is multiple craters (hollowed-out area, produced by the impact of a meteorite). And the third is a red roof building where the expert resides.

Players don’t usually read the instructions and they start searching the streets near Timber Production which is only a waste of time.

After locating the red roof building, click on it and you’ll see a cutscene on your screen and after a few seconds, you’ll be notified that the Demolition Expert is ready to work for your city.

Now you can continue taking out natural resources from your islands and expand your city by removing huge mountains from your path. Objective completed!

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