Anita Sarkeesian Has No Part in Mirror’s Edge 2 Development, Says EA

mirrors edge 2
You might have heard of a heated issue among some of the fans of the Mirror’s Edge series; the one relating to Anita Sarkeesian being a part of the development team behind Mirror’s Edge 2.

This sparked up a petition on Change where numerous fans came together to demand that Electronic Arts distances itself and DICE from the feminist. The target of 50,000 petitions was only 2000 petitions short when EA came up with their response.

Electronic Arts responded with a simple one liner stating that the information was false:

This petition is based on inaccurate information. EA is not working with Anita Sarkeesian on development of Mirror’s Edge.

So there you have it; she is not a part of the development of your loved game.

Sarkeesian, who authors Feminist Frequency blog as well as the YouTube video series project Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, is regarded by some as a continuous complainer or as a reason for divide in the community. However, the petition had various other reasons:

Anita Sarkeesian has no credibility or experience in game development. She is merely a self proclaimed critic and her opinions should offer no sound foundations in the development of this or any game. She has no experience in the industry. Anita does not speak for gamers, female or otherwise, on the difficulty or appeal of games. She only offers personal insights catering to her own agenda.

So what do you think? Now that it has been clarified by the EA that Anita Sarkeesian has nothing to do with DICE in regards to the development of Mirror’s Edge 2, are you glad? And what do you think about the reasoning provided by the petitioners?

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