Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Pumpkin Farming Guide

Our Animal Crossing: New Horizon Halloween Pumpkin Farming Guide will let you know why you may want to grow Pumpkins...

Our Animal Crossing: New Horizon Halloween Pumpkin Farming Guide will let you know why you may want to grow Pumpkins and how you can efficiently grow them.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Pumpkin Farming

Pumpkin Farming is one of the top activities in Animal Farming these days, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

Here, we’ll let you know all you need to know about this activity. Let just get on with it!

Why Farm Pumpkins?
Since Halloween is close and its spooky time in Animal Crossing, Pumpkins are so in these days because they are a central item in this holiday theme.

There are over 10 Halloween Decorations that you can make out of Pumpkins.

As Pumpkins cannot be bought in Animal Crossing, the only way of making your Halloween decorations is if you can grow your own Pumpkin to use for the purpose.

Although they cannot be bought, Pumpkins can be sold for 350 bells per each.

You can grow a couple of Pumpkins for decorations and then sell the spare for a decent profit. Or you can grow pumpkins solely to earn some extra bells.

Pumpkins can also be used as edible since they are a fruit as well. Using pumpkins for food restores 10 stamina points, much like any other fruit.

How to Grow Pumpkins?

Growing Pumpkins in Animal Crossing is as simple as 1,2,3,4.

Buy Pumpkin Starts
Pumpkins Starts are essentially pumpkin seed that you will plant to grow the pumpkins. You can buy the Pumpkin starts at Nook’s Cranny for 280 Bells each.

Alternatively, you can also buy the starts for Leif. During October, he will be offering the starts for a fair discount of 50%. Each start is available for half the price at Leif’s during his visit at your island in October.

Plant the Starts
Having bought the starts, plant them in your backyard or your garden or where you want. You can plant them directly out of the inventory or dig a hole and plant them, using the shovel.

Water the Plants
The growth cycle of the pumpkins is 4 days. You can harvest fully grown pumpkins on the fourth day. During these 4 days, the plants should be watered; ideally every day.

Watering the plant everyday will result in a maximum yield of 3 pumpkins from one plant.

Harvest the Pumpkins
On the fourth day, you can harvest the pumpkins. Depending on how often you watered it, you will get one, two or three pumpkins to yield.

You may then leave the plant after harvesting to let it grow again to harvest more pumpkins from the same starts that you planted. This way, you will be able to harvest more pumpkins in 3 days since the plant is already at the day one stage when you have harvested the pumpkins.

Getting different colored Pumpkins
Pumpkins can grow in a couple of different colors i.e., Orange, Yellow, White and Green; in ascending order to rarity, respectively.

Green is the rarest, while orange is the most common color to occur.

Color are determined randomly from the starts that you sow. A start when planted may result in one of the colors at random.

But once you have a pumpkin of a color that you desire, you can plant that Pumpkin to get more pumpkin plants of the same color.

DIY Pumpkin Recipe

These are all the Pumpkin Recipes for Halloween Decorations.

Item Recipe
Spooky Arch 10x Hardwood 3x Clay 10x Orange Pumpkin
Spooky Candy Set 1x Orange Pumpkin 3x Candy
Spooky Carriage 20x Wood 20x Softwood 20x Hardwood 10x Iron Nugget 30x Orange Pumpkin
Spooky Chair 3x Orange Pumpkin 3x Softwood
Spooky Fence 3x Orange Pumpkin 5x Iron Nugget
Spooky Garland 1x Iron Nugget 1x Clay 1x Orange Pumpkin
Spooky Lantern 4x Orange Pumpkin
Spooky Lantern Set 4x Orange Pumpkin 4x Clump of Weeds
Spooky Scarecrow 3x Orange Pumpkin 4x Wood
Spooky Standing Lamp 5x Hardwood 1x Clay 3x Orange Pumpkin
Spooky Table 14x Orange Pumpkin 10x Softwood
Spooky Table Setting 1x Iron Nugget 1x Clay 1x Orange Pumpkin
Spooky Tower 7x Orange Pumpkin
Spooky Wand 3x Star Fragment 1x Spooky Lantern
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