Animal Crossing New Horizons Feng Shui Guide

If you have played previous Animal Crossing titles then you must be aware of this feature in the game called Feng Shui. In this Animal Crossing New Horizons Feng Shui guide, we will help you with your room decoration and how to perfectly do this Feng Shui arrangement.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Feng Shui

So in Animal Crossing, your room is always arranged in tiles and in previous titles, you started with a 4×4 grid and as you grow and feed money to Tom Nook and his corporation grows so does your room and eventually, it will be an 8×8 grid, but do keep in mind that the basics are same as the tile grid system is almost same.

It might seem very difficult at the start but as you get down to it you will come to know how simple and easy it is.

Keep in mind that Feng Shui is a phenomenon of arranging furniture and choosing their colors and so on. This furniture arranging does play a part in players’ luck in the game and your luck may depend on the location and color of your furniture.

Effect on Happy Home Evaluation
If you follow Feng Shui in your room arrangements then you will get a better Happy Home Academy Evaluation.

There are different color schemes for all the furniture in your room according to Feng Shui and when your room arrangement follows it then Feng Shui will be added to your score and so keep in mind while decorating your room.

Feng Shui Color Scheme
This is the color scheme that you have to follow to get the best furniture placement in your room

Color Placement Effect
Green South Increase in overall luck
Red East Increase in luck with items
Yellow West Increase in luck with bells

Feng Shui Bonuses
Also keep in mind about some Feng Shui bonuses as well, as there are no restrictions on perfectly arranging your room according to Feng Shui but if you do so you will get many bonuses. These bonuses are as follows:

If you place yellow items in the correct areas then you will get more money by shaking trees and hitting money rocks. Yellow Feng Shui will also reduce the cost of different items for you.

Placing Red items in the correct areas will increase your item luck which means that your chance of finding new items around island will increase. It will also make your more likely to get genuine art from villagers and rare items.

By placing green furniture at the right position, your overall luck in Animal Crossing will increase and you will be more likely to get genuine art at Redd’s and will be offered to purchase rare items more frequently.