Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off Event Guide

This guide will go over the Bug-Off event in Animal Crossing New Horizons so you can earn some cool prizes from Flick the catcher

Animal Crossing fans might be familiar with Flick, the bug catcher, and the limited time event he brings. This guide will focus on Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off Event and how you can take part in it.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off Event

The Bug-Off event is scheduled to be due on the third Saturday of November, December, January, and February between 9:00 to 18:00 for the Southern Hemisphere.

The Bug-Off event dates for the Northern Hemisphere are not out yet, so you folks will have to wait a little more to know about them.

Bug-Off Event Rules & Guidelines
During the event period, Flick will be waiting for you in the residence area. So if you want to participate in the Bug catching event, head towards Flick and interact with him.

You may also have a visit from Flick on usual days, and you can see him fish at higher than usual prices on those days. However, there will not be any rewards for them.

Here is how you have to take full advantage of the Bug-Off event:

  • Catch as many bugs as possible within the given time of 3 minutes. You will earn as many points as many bugs you catch, plus 2 points extra every time you catch more than 3 bugs!
  • Try to use the multiplayer platform for the event, as you will be getting more points in a relatively easier way.

Bug-Off Prizes
The main method to obtain prizes of the bug-off event is to use your earned points to buy random pieces of bug furniture.

You will have to trade 10 points in exchange of exclusive items based around bugs.  The items you get will be totally random, so earn as much points as possible and go for the trade.