Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Day 1 to Day 10 Guide – Unlock Emotions, Buildings, Notebook

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer tips for Day 1 to Day 10 and how you ca Unlock Emotions, Buildings, Notebook and other features.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Tips

Unlike earlier Animal Crossing games, Happy Home Designer offers new features and events which unlock on daily basis, but not in real time.

In the latest iteration, you can progress to the next day on your convenience. In this guide, I will cover all days in the game.

Day 1

You start things off as an interior designer of Nook’s Homes and required to choose your name, appearance, and put on Happy Home Academy uniform.

Once this is done, you get to play a tutorial during which you help Lyle’s niece Lottie by designing a room to the Lovely Series of furniture.

Throughout the tutorial, you will be familiarized with game’s various design tools at your disposal.

Day 2

On the second day, you will meet with Goldie needing some help with her home design. Since she’s a book-lover, you will have to come up with something bookish.

Once you have completed her home, Goldie will absolutely love it and you will acquire the Happy emotion using which you will be able to express your joy.

Day 3

On the third day, Lottie will familiarize you with the ‘Client List’ menu. By using it, you will be able to view characters for which you have designed, view screenshots of home, and travel to home.

Using the said menu, you need to head back to Goldie’s place where you will learn about using Amiibo Cards to invite characters into other characters’ homes.

After the brief tutorial, you need to head back to Nook’s Homes and speak with Lottie. Once this is done, you need to head outside and speak with Lopez who requires a home with ‘a stylish space’ theme.

Day 4

On the fourth day, you need to head outside and choose a villager in order to design their home. The game will choose a couple of villagers randomly and ask you to choose your pick.

Once you are done with designing, Lottie will tell you all about the scheduled arrival of Mr. Nook the following morning.

Day 5

On the fifth day, you will meet with Mr. Nook who will introduce you to Isabelle. Once you are done greeting Isabelle, head outside again and you will be provided with a list of some new villagers.

Once again, a couple of villagers will be chosen randomly. All you need to do on this day is to design a villager’s home and get ready for the following day.

Day 6

At the start of the sixth day, you will speak to Isabelle about designing public facilities in the town.

After a little chit chat, escort Isabelle to school and choose an exterior from 3 possible options. Once you have chosen an exterior, you will head inside the school and start designing an interior.

You can design the entire school in any way you want, but make sure to have at least 4 chairs, 4 tables, and a teacher’s desk as demanded by Isabelle.

Once you are done designing the school, a couple of people from Nook’s Homes will tour the school before the day is ended.

Day 7

On the seventh day, you will have to escort Isabelle to the opening ceremony of school. Once you are done with the ceremony, Isabelle will teach you all about new features in the public facilities.

After you are done with the school, you will be required to head back to Nook’s Homes and meet up with Carrie who wishes to have a garden for kids to play in built.

Meeting up with Carrie will unlock the ability to design exterior and land around a building.

To begin, you need to choose a plot of your choice, design the outside yard, and interior of her home to fulfill all her requests and end the day.

Day 8

On this day, you will learn the ability to use Amiibo Cards in order to contact clients nearby.

After the tutorial, you need to contact Luna who will leave everything on you – from choosing the plot location to interior of the house.

While building the house, you need bear in mind that Luna loves sleeping and dreaming. Once you are done with the new house, you will learn Distress emotion.

Once everything is put aside, you need to head back to Nook’s Homes and learn that Mr. Nook wants to see you the next day.

Day 9

After meeting up with Mr. Nook, you will learn that you have been appointed as the Project Leader of town development which is something like Mayor from earlier Animal Crossing games.

You will also acquire the Happy Home Notebook and learn the first lesson without paying anything at all.

After learning the ability to decorate, head outside and speak with Roscoe.

Once again, Roscoe will leave everything on your imagination from choosing the plot to setting up the interior and almost everything else.

Once you are done with Roscoe’s home, you will learn the Curiosity emotion.

Day 10

You will have the ability to learn a new lesson from the handbook – whether you choose to do so or not is entirely your call!

You will meet up with Isabelle who will ask you to choose whether you wish to build a hospital, a shop, or a restaurant.

What you do next is entirely your call. Because of things you’ve already learnt, you will have to choose an exterior as well as interior of the building you decide to build.

Once you are done with building, return to office and you will learn that Nook’s Homes now has a computer which will allow you to visit projects by Nook’s Homes and more.

This is all we have on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer days unlocks and features guide, If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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