Andrew House: PlayStation 4 Still Has A Lot Of Potential And A Long Life Ahead

PlayStation 4 has been dominating the console market this console generation partly because of Sony’s commitment towards exclusives from the start of this generation, however, it has been almost 5 years since the launch of PS4 but, according to Andrew House, PlayStation 4 still has a long life.

Speaking during the GamesBeat conference, ex-PlayStation Boss Andrew House talked about how Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro has increased the life cycle of the current console cycle and how PlayStation 4 still has a long life.

I’m very bullish on longer life cycles for consoles. Consoles are so under-represented and under-penetrated in so many markets around the globe. There’s so much potential. Let’s not forget that China is still largely [untapped].

According to House, the launch of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will help extend the life of the existing console cycle and also noted that the physical media like DVDs aren’t going away in the game industry.

I don’t have any firm knowledge on this, but my sense is that you will see the disc around in the industry for a while. If you’re going to tap into some of these [developing] markets, then allowing for that more traditional physical purchase model as an option is probably no bad thing.

Furthermore, during the same conference, he added that game streaming will be the next “inflection point” for video games.

According to House, the first PlayStation was popular because of its 3D capabilities and partly because of it moving away from expensive cartridges and towards CDs which were cheaper.

He said that “Streaming could be the next inflection point but the business model has to be thought through.”

Do you think PS4 has more life to it? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Polygon

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