Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Crafting Guide

From this Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Crafting Guide, you will be able to learn about crafting different tools in the game to ensure your survival.

In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey crafting items comes in handy. You acquire the motor skill in the game which allows you to switch items in your hands to alter and craft them. Shifting the items from one hand to the other gives the item a new shape. The items that you collect will either be converted in buildings or helpful tools.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Crafting

You have to be careful whilst crafting these items as there is a certain power which cannot be crossed otherwise you will be wasting that item.

Here, audio cues play an important role as they will be informing you about the production of these crafting items.

While making the item, keep an ear out for the click sound and immediately stop on it as your item has been created and working on the materials anymore and break them.

Below we have summoned up a guide of crafted items and the material that is needed to craft these items.

Basalt Chopper
Once you find basalt, take two rocks and hold the Basalt rock onto the left and the other rock on the right hand to craft a chopper.

Keep smashing the rocks until you hear the click sound through the audio cue which means stop and you have created the Basalt Chopper.

The Chopper has a few advantages like speeding up the process for creating Sharpened Sticks. It takes only 3 hits once you strip a dead branch into a stick.

Other than that, when you kill any predators while defending yourself, you can use the chopper to chop up the meat. It can be used to open a coconut for drinking.

Branch Barrier
Find dead branches to create this and add them together. You will be crafting a rough barrier with that.

Cracked Coco
Hold the Coconut onto the left and a rock on the right to smash together with each other and crack the outer shell of the coconut.

Granite Grinder
Find two rocks of granite using your intelligence. They can usually be found in groups of 4 and are easy to locate anywhere in the savanna.

Hold Granite rock on the left and any other stone on the right hand to perfectly hit and craft the grinder. Stop when you hear the audio cue. Now use the grinder to grind on different tools and change their abilities.

Grinded Khat
Holding the Khat leaves on the left palm and the Granite Grinder on the right palm to grind and craft an item which enhances the immunity.

Obsidian Carver
The Obsidian Carver is somewhat a local and cheaper version of the Basalt Chopper. Hold Obsidian rock on the left hand and hit it perfectly with another stone which will be equipped on the right hand.

Smash them and stop when you hear the audio cue. The Carver will have the same functions and the basalt chopper only it will take longer to complete them.

Sleep Spot
You have to find grass which you will be able to find very easily. Now stockpile the Grass to build your sleeping spot.

Sharpened Stick
Look for dead branches that you can find in places like the floor of the jungle or savanna or the trees. You can alter the branch by holding it in your left hand and pressing the alter button.

Listen to the audio cue and you will have a pointy stick which you can use for defense against predators, fishing, poking holes, catching insects for food, and lifting liftable rocks.

Go and find a rock and then hold Dead Branches onto the left and a stone on the right palm. Press the alter button and again, stop on the audio cue and you will have an even sharper stick which will help you in combats.

There are many more undiscovered crafting items which are equally, if not more beneficial for the players. We will be updating the guide in case of finding them.